5 higher education courses to prepare you for the future of professions

The job market has changed a lot in recent years and, currently, we see several careers, which 10 years ago did not exist or were not that relevant, hiring several professionals in full. The trend is that in the coming years these changes will be even more drastic and, therefore, it is necessary for those who want to be involved in them to be aware and prepare for the future of the professions.

Even if some higher education courses are a little behind the news in the world of online courses, they are still completely relevant as they will train and prepare you with the necessary skills to be able to adapt to the changes we will see from now on.

However, which courses are most important in this context? Which are the ones that bring the essential skills to be successful in the future? In partnership with Quero Bolsa, a platform for scholarships and vacancies in higher education, we decided to carry out this survey of the future of professions by listing 5 options. You can check the list below.

Systems Analysis and Development and other technology-related courses

He thought about the future of professions, he thought about technology. Courses such as Systems Analysis and Development, Computer Science and Computer Engineering may not teach you all the news that the systems development and programming market has to offer, but they will still give you an excellent foundation for you to do so. Appear.

Many experts believe that programming is one of the skills that may become essential for the future, but the vast majority of professionals in the job market do not have it. Thus, it becomes a great differential among competitors, putting those who dominate it in front.

But how can programming help professionals so much? Through it, it is possible to develop structured thinking, increasing the logic at work to guide the processes that have to be carried out in a more effective way during the day. Also, obviously, you get deeper into technological innovations.

Design to understand the user

One of the main guidelines of any self-respecting company, nowadays, is to try to understand the user’s behaviour in order to be able to develop solutions that solve more problems or make things easier for them in their daily lives.

One of the courses that most take into account the usability of products and services (whether physical or digital) is Design. This has become evident lately with the rise of User Experience Designer (UX Designer), which has become a career with high hiring volume, mainly in technology startups.

Furthermore, design, by translation, is a project. Professionals in the area are excellent for structuring the performance of several areas, no matter which sector or area the company operates.

Medicine and several careers in the health field

Years pass and one thing don’t change: health professionals, such as Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists, are always highly demanded by the labour market. The reason is obvious, since the main objective of human beings is survival and for advances in the area of ​​health in recent years that we have managed to perpetuate the species.

The changes we will see in the coming years will be the increase in telemedicine, the use of artificial intelligence to analyze test results, technological gadgets for real-time health monitoring and a great demand for Psychology professionals to deal with mental health. The theme is already very much in vogue and, with the pressures of today’s world and the great technological dependence that we have, treating and getting to know yourself will be essential.

Digital Marketing and Communication

The main marketing channel for any product and service is, without a shadow of a doubt, the internet. The trend is that it becomes even more relevant, as we are seeing during the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when people started to buy more online.

Therefore, courses in Marketing and Social Communication are important for the professional to be able to provide the company with the adaptation to this new scenario, paying attention to the changes that are already causing transformation and the next ones that can increase this even more.

Incredibly, Philosophy

Many see Philosophy as a course for the formation of teachers, academics and researchers. And don’t get confused, they are, in fact, essential for us to understand the origin of everything and to be able to think about the direction of humanity, but in the near future, they will have an essential role beyond human life.

Professionals trained in philosophy will be very important in the creation and development of artificial intelligence mechanisms. With robots becoming more and more “smart”, what will be the ethical limit for their use?

That’s where philosophers come in. It will be important to inscribe responsibility to machine learning and AI mechanisms, making their development within ethics and morals. A more global view of the problems and the formation of the world ends up becoming essential for its functioning to be more effective. Companies like Facebook have been hiring Philosophy and Social Science graduates to join their teams.