5 tools for essential digital entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurship is increasingly present in the reality of all of us, whether for work or personal life. Thinking about facilitating the daily life of you who is an entrepreneur, we brought you the tip of 6 tools for entrepreneurs. Learn and apply in your daily life.

6 tools for entrepreneurs

1. Landing page

A landing page is a web page that appears in online search results, marketing email, or digital ads, for example. It is commonly used in entrepreneurship for lead generation. This page usually displays a targeted sales letter that serves as a sort of logical extension of the ad.

Determining an advertiser’s conversion rate by the actions an eventual visitor takes on the landing page, a landing page can be a microsite or a single page on the company’s main site.

From the analysis of the actions generated by the linked link, business owners can use the conversion and click rates to determine the success of an online ad. It is one of the most used tools for entrepreneurs in the field of digital entrepreneurship.

HeroSpark lets you create high-converting landing pages for free, with a highly intuitive platform that doesn’t require programming skills to edit.

2. Sales funnel

The sales funnel is a strategic model that visually separates the purchase journey of a potential customer in stages. The enterprise needs to have distinct communication at each step of the funnel.

This will increase your relevance and create a closer relationship of trust and greater chances of closing the sale.

As it is a very efficient model in generating this proximity between the customer and the salesperson, the sales funnel is one of the tools for entrepreneurs that can be automated. Even with HeroSpark. In this way, you will increase the efficiency of your digital enterprise.

3. Email Automation

When it comes to e-mail automation for a digital enterprise, the best practice is to create personalized and relevant messages for your consumers. Via email and preferably with careful curation, if done manually it would require a lot of time and effort, making the process impractical.

With this, any digital enterprise that values ​​the value of the quality of its relationship with its consumers takes advantage of technology. Email automation tools for entrepreneurs increase your ability to attract leads to your contact list. When the software sends out personalization features like happy birthday messages, the customer feels unique.

HeroSpark also allows you to do this email trigger automation. The platform already delivers email templates ready to customize according to the stage of the sales funnel where the customer is.

4. Members Area

The member’s area offers exclusive content such as videos and e-books. It is beneficial to the enterprise, as it integrates the customer with the company’s content so that he or she feels unique and validated when receiving information first, in relation to other consumers.

The member’s area can also be useful when delivering video classes, managing students and offering online courses safely and smoothly, and delivering the service automatically.

HeroSpark’s platform allows you to organize content in a didactic way and sell the product with online strategies, in addition to offering an area for students (members).

5. Payment method

Many entrepreneurs may also have questions about payment methods. After all, the various options and features can generate indecision. So, first of all, it’s important that you define your needs.

To help you, we suggest the SparkPay tool. It offers 100% integrated checkout, where you charge and receive payments safely and conveniently.

Bonus tip: course for entrepreneurs

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