7 Important Tools Every Affiliate Needs To Know

Being a digital entrepreneur and affiliate is not an easy job. It is necessary to know how to reach more customers, create good communication strategies and still deal with the execution of the service. Fortunately, technology can help! We prepared this post to present great tools for affiliates. This way, your work will be easier and your reach will be much greater. So, let’s get to the tips?

1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketing. With Google Adwords you pay to have your ads featured on the most used search platform in the world. Payment is made by keywords, so you should pay attention to the most searched terms when searching for the service you offer.

The ideal way to use Google Adwords is with short, objective and attractive texts. You need to draw people’s attention to your website and offer your services on it.

2. Keyword.io

Keyword.io is a platform for keyword research on a particular subject. With it, you can find out what are the most frequent questions about a topic and even filter out words that you consider to help in your search. Using Keyword.io you will have a much wider reach with advertisements, as search engines use SEO.

3. Email marketing

Using email marketing is a good strategy to attract people to your website. For this, you will need to send objective emails with exactly what you want to say to the recipient. Use imperative verbs, but be careful not to sound rude.

The best strategy for getting a large contact list is to create e-books with interesting tips for your target audience. That’s because, in order to download the material, people will need to provide their email addresses. From there, you can update them with news on your site, offer promotions, etc.

4. Spark Funnels

This is by far one of the most important tools for affiliates. SparkFunnels transforms the life of the entrepreneur in a paradise as it offers the possibility of creating sales funnels with high conversion and generate real results for your digital business.

Just imagine you can build your sales funnel in just 5 minutes! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, with SparkFunnels this is a reality!

In addition, the tool offers the creation of landing pages , automatic email triggers, webinars broadcast, result tracking, metrics and lead management. Among its advantages, we have:

  • Speed ​​and practicality
  • investment savings
  • Metrics and Results
  • Automation and integrations.

See how complete this tool is? It is possible to use the free service or the PRO plan. Watch the video and learn more!

5. Canvas

Canva is a design creation platform. With it, affiliates can create the art of advertising their products. Some elements and tools can only be used for a fee, but only with the free features, it is possible to create a good job.

Best of all, this is a very intuitive platform, so you don’t need to have extensive knowledge of this software. Among Canva’s facilities is the creation of infographics, posts with the appropriate size for each social network and newsletter.

6. Trello

One of the main attitudes to take off a business is organization. In this regard, Trello helps a lot. This platform allows you to organize tasks in frames according to tags, colours, status, keywords, etc.

If your brand’s work is done in a group, Trello will allow you to share the tasks you have started and their progress with colleagues. Through email, the team will receive project status updates, shared files, and more.

7. Hotjar

Hotjar monitors Internet users’ visits to your website. With it, it is possible to know which areas of the site received the most clicks, where visitors passed the mouse the most and scrolled within some areas of ​​the page. In addition, this platform chooses users to carry out an evaluation of the site and conducts satisfaction surveys with the public.

Bonus Tip: HeroSpark Affiliates

Now that you know the most important tools for your business, don’t waste any more time and start using them now! It will be much easier to sell with much-needed aid like this.

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