Co-Marketing: 3 Successful Examples

In digital marketing, it is necessary to update at all times. Challenges are always arising and strategies must also be innovative. One promising way is co-marketing. The tactic already exists in the offline world, but it can be better worked by online entrepreneurs.

With the strategy, it is possible to unite your brand with others that have the same audience. So both will get greater visibility in less time and at a lower cost. All this with prominence in the market, in view of the campaign’s differentials.

Are you ready to better understand how it works, be inspired by successful models, and attract qualified leads to your company? We at park view city are here to help! So, keep reading!

Co-marketing and attracting qualified leads

Co-marketing or partnership marketing is the joining of two or more brands to promote a campaign. Thus, they join forces to create a positive impact on the audience they have in common.

The strategy is not aimed at creating new products, but only a marketing action. It has been used by larger companies for many decades and, when done correctly, it always gives great results.

In the digital world, co-marketing is also very efficient, as it takes your brand to an audience that didn’t know it yet. Thus, the amount of people reached who already fit into your market niche is much greater than when the action is individual.

Possible productions in a digital co-marketing

Guest Post

Guest posts are articles produced to post on partner blogs. Receiving these blog posts is being able to publish content with a different look than what you usually find on your website.

Likewise, when you submit posts to partner sites, your brand name will be publicized there. So, by producing content for another company, you attract visitors to yours.


E-books are denser content and the audience expects higher quality. They tend to take up more time and more work to be produced. However, it gives a lot of credibility to whoever downloaded it.

Therefore, doing it in partnership with another entrepreneur can be the solution to finish in a timely manner and deliver a good product. Generally, to get it, the consumer needs to leave some information on a landing page, such as name and email, which is good bait for leads that will serve both companies.


Doing a webinar in partnership with another person is the perfect strategy so that more consumers can get to know your company and your expertise. Think of brands that have the same purpose as you and a theme that can really pique people’s curiosity.

The material can be live or recorded, but it needs to be extremely strategic to hold the audience’s attention until the end. One thing that can help is holding raffles or providing some bonuses.


The podcast is increasingly popular. Creating a podcast series with special guests has several advantages. You will produce very high-quality content, with experts in the field, and will add value to your business.

In addition, each guest will promote their podcast to their own audience, as they will be participating in it. This is an opportunity for free disclosure.

3 examples of successful co-marketing

Volvo and Lego

Lego Land is the Lego theme park. In partnership with Volvo – yes, with a car manufacturer – created a campaign that reached the target audience of both, which is the family.

The campaign aimed to publicize the “school for drivers” aimed at children. The companies offered, in Lego Land, the opportunity for children to drive electric vehicles similar to Lego blocks and the school was called “Volvo”.

Coors Light and National Geographic

Coors Light, a low-alcohol beer, ran a video campaign with National Geographic. The brewery’s intention was to change the perception of the brand and attract young people aged 21 and over to consume it.

The ads ran on social media and redirected to the original content on the National Geographic website. With this, Coors Light managed to reach 10.5 million people and increased brand preference by 6.8%.

Vanish and Riachuelo

In the “Vanish banking your look” campaign, people who bought Vanish products were able to exchange them for credits to get discounts at Riachuelo Stores. That way, they could retrieve their stained clothes and also buy new fast-fashion looks.

With a single production, the two brands managed to publicize and promote their own names.

That’s exactly what co-marketing does: it turns the unlikely into successful partnerships. After putting it into practice, it is important to analyze the results obtained, to find out what went right and what can be improved for the next partnerships. Apply this strategy and start promoting your business.