Community marketing: what it is and how to do it

Marketing is one of the tools necessary for the better development of a digital business. And for this to get good adhesion from the public, it is necessary to bet on community marketing.

But, before taking a step towards benefiting a certain business on the internet, it is essential to understand its definition, in order to know how to carry it out. In addition to being inspired by great examples that have used community marketing to their advantage.

What is community marketing?

Before we define community marketing, it is necessary to understand what community means. In this sense, community refers to a group of people with similar interests. They have something in common that makes them want to participate in communication far beyond consumer and supplier, but a connection between consumers. And social networks do very well in this role of connecting individuals in order to create a community.

In this way, community marketing is able to form an interactive place so that the relationship between people is established and the brand can share its products and services with consumers. This practice always generates engagement, dialogue and reinforcement of connections, even online, in which the diversity of consumers and interests is increasing.

Community marketing is responsible for “strengthening” and observing desires and opinions regarding your brand or digital business. Thus, it is possible to understand that there is a favourable dynamic for the consumer, who is able to follow the brand more closely.

Furthermore, he is in a space where he can feel part of the whole. The supplier, on the other hand, is able to better monitor customer wishes and improve the service, products or services of your business.

How to do community marketing?

To carry out this type of marketing it is necessary to start a community. On this trajectory, having a well-defined goal for your brand is essential to carry out this type of community marketing. Thus, the digital business can stand out and make this community more and more attractive due to the differentials provided by the products or services.

Added to this, to carry out this type of marketing, it is also essential to know who the target audience of the digital business is. That is people who already expressed an interest in that service or product, in addition to those curious individuals in an immersion in the community.

Therefore, “capturing” these consumers (or potential consumers) must add to the permanence and development of the community.

Another point to explore is to bring relevant content, both for the consumer and for the strengthening of your brand. Thus, in order for the community to remain in constant dialogue and sharing of ideas, it is necessary to bring not only content about your brand, but also to teach and generate value for consumers.

For this, content marketing is a good option to add to this shared space and encourage members (and get new members) to really active participate in the community.

Here are some practical tips for implementing community marketing in your business.

Know who you talk to

The first step is always to define your avatar. Know which customers you want to reach, otherwise, you won’t reach anyone.

See more about building the persona or avatar:

Attention to content

Make content attractive and shareable, according to what interests your audience. This will make your customers comment, share and interact with your brand.

Frequency is key

Another tip, which speaks to the previous tip, is to keep your content periodically. It’s no use making very good content and disappearing. It is necessary to have a frequency.

Create a community

The last tip is: encourage sharing experiences. Thus, you will build a community around your brand, always maintaining respect and good relationships with customers.

Examples of Community Marketing That Work

In this view, with the definition and understanding of how to carry out community marketing, the examples stand out before companies. Examples of success are Apple and Starbucks. They always seek to challenge and give purpose to their community members.

Apple, for example, has won over customers who are brand advocates. So they’re always willing to buy whatever Apple releases: whether it’s a new iPhone, MacBook or Apple Watch. Starbucks, in turn, has a differentiated service, in that the attendant writes the customer’s name on the drinking glass; the atmosphere in the cafeterias is cozy, with Wi-Fi included, and the packaging has a creative design, often with an explosion of colours and shapes.

Having all the knowledge about community marketing, continuous learning about the marketing area is necessary. For this, Hero Spark can be the ideal solution to achieve a satisfactory result for your digital business through tools that can enrich the knowledge.