Discover how to make videos with photos

Several tools are available for creating quality videos. You don’t need a professional or semi-professional camera to make good audiovisual content. Also, with good video editing programs like iMovie and Adobe Premiere, for example, curiosity about how to make videos with photos only grows.

How to assemble a video with photos and music

With a little dedication and a lot of creativity, it’s possible to make videos with a relevant soundtrack. If you wish, there is still the possibility to add photos and other images to the production. Check out the step-by-step instructions for creating presentations on your computer, using some simple and free tools for both Windows and macOS.

In macOS

IMovie is a very effective tool and has very technological resources, dedicated even to professional editors. Even so, it cannot be considered a complicated software for making videos with photos and music. Save the steps and test yourself:

  1. Open iMovie and click “import media”;
  2. Select the images you want to use and click “import selection”;
  3. In the project, drag the images you want to use in your video down (considered preview area). There, you can adjust the time each photo will be displayed;
  4. In the top menu, under “audio”, you can choose a theme song from your iTunes library or Garage Band;
  5. In “transitions”, you can choose the display effects between one photo and another;
  6. Finally, click on “share” (in the right corner of the window) and select “file”;
  7. The software will offer the final adjustments such as name, quality and resolution. Also, it will point to the folder where the project will be saved;
  8. Click “save”.

Following all the steps above, you’ll have a video with photos and music your way, without depending on anyone!

On Windows

Movie Maker, one of the most used programs for video editing on Windows up to version 8.1, does not come natively installed on Windows 10. Also, it is no longer offered separately by Microsoft.

Thus, the software that the company recommends for editing videos with photos is native Fotos, which is also simple to use. Check out how!

  1. Open “Photos”, click on “new video”;
  2. Then, in “personalized video with music”;
  3. Click on “folders”, then “click on add a folder”;
  4. Select the folder containing the photos you want to use;
  5. Open the folder and choose the photos you want to include in the video;
  6. Click on “create”;
  7. Windows will ask for a name for the video, and will edit a simple template;
  8. On the next screen, in the “storyboard”, you can change the order of the images and add effects, if you want;
  9. In the top menu, under “audio”, it is possible to include a song suggested by Fotos. It can be a narration or other audio file of your choice;
  10. With all the changes already made, click on “export” or “share”.

Don’t forget to select video quality. This way, your creation will be finished and saved on your computer.

How to make videos with photos on mobile

In addition to the video editing options available for desktops, you can edit materials while spending less time directly from your mobile phone. After all, social networks often require certain agility to post. Check out some app options to make music videos and photos right from your smartphone!

Video show

It is available for Android and iOS. It is one of the most famous editors to create videos with music and photos simply and quickly.


It is an application that should be used as a photo editor, which provides special masks similar to Snapchat filters and Instagram stories. It also has a native camera with advanced features. It is available for Android and iOS.


The Quik app edits videos on Android and iPhone without a watermark and with effects. It is also available for MacOS and Windows (which was purchased by GoPro as part of the package offered to their action camera users).


It is a video, photo and music editor available for Android and iOS. It can also be used on desktops and has a list of free resources to improve your experience within the app.


It’s very difficult to find someone who doesn’t know TikTok yet. It is a media app for creating and sharing short videos available for Android and iOS. Today, it is considered one of the most used social networks.