Facebook creative studio: know it all

Running an online business can sometimes be tiring. That’s why there are tools that make processes more efficient and enjoyable, like Facebook’s creative studio.

The tool is free and the main requirement is to have an account on this social network and, of course, to know how to use it. With it, you can prepare posts, leaving them on time to go live on the day and time you want, study the metrics well and make some adjustments.

Want to know what else you can do with the studio? Check out the content below!

What is the Facebook Creative Studio?

The creation studio or Creator Studio is a platform that makes life much easier for the owner of a digital or social media business.

To access it, just type “business.facebook.com/creator studio” and you will have 2 screen options, one for Facebook Pages and one for Instagram accounts.

On each page, you’ll be able to perform various tasks, such as scheduling posts, analyzing metrics and more easily adding alternative texts to the content.

What is the studio for?

The creation studio, in the routine of those who use it, provides optimization of time, productivity, organization and even reduction of errors, since the tool allows you to automate, to some degree, the publication of content.

So if you happen to forget to publish a post for some reason (on your birthday, for example), it goes live the same way — as long as you’ve booked the material in advance.

Another utility from Facebook’s creative studio goes into effect at the end of the year parties. It’s very likely that you won’t spend Christmas and New Year posted on the networks, right? So schedule the content for the holidays and get back on track only when you can.

In this way, Instagram and Facebook accounts do not run out of material during the period and escape the risk of the algorithm damaging them.

In addition, those who work managing accounts of other entrepreneurs can do their work in one place. There are professionals and agencies that handle 20, 40 different accounts and, therefore, it would be unfeasible to post only with cell phones.

How to use the creative studio?

If you feel lost with so many features of Facebook, read on and understand how to use the studio for Facebook and Instagram.


Home page

Facebook creative studio home page

Here, you can publish content on the fly, in real-time, schedule or create test publishing. Also on this screen, there is a view of metrics from the last week and the latest publications.

Content library

Facebook Creative Studio Library

In this section, you have a scheme similar to Kanban, with all posts alongside published content, scheduled content, drafts, etc. The content library is useful for locating some very old post, based on its title, duration or another factor.


Insights Facebook Creative Studio

This menu section is dedicated to a full analysis of publications metrics. You can find, among others:

  • reach;
  • number of followers;
  • engagement;
  • clicks on links to publications;
  • shares;
  • Reactions.

The other sections are more administrative: message inbox, monetization and lives setup, settings and store.


Content library

Instagram library in creative studio

The Instagram management screen starts with the library, where you can schedule posts, carousels and videos for IGTV. Still in this option, you can view stories and some metrics.

When selecting the option to schedule, you are led to:

  • fill in the post caption, including emoji’s;
  • add location;
  • upload photos or videos, from your computer or Facebook page;
  • tag up to 10 people in the media;
  • crop the image;
  • publish the same content on the page;
  • Access advanced settings and disable comments.

After that, you can schedule or just keep the content as a draft to finalize the schedule later.


Instagram calendar in creative studio

As the name suggests, it is a calendar of all publications, those that have been made and those that have been scheduled for future dates. By clicking on the contents indicated in the calendar, you are taken to another screen with all the metrics.


Instagram Insights from the Facebook Creative Studio

One more resource for studying metrics. This section displays interactions from the last 7 days, visits to the link or clicks on the bio address, reach and impressions. In a subsection, you access all information about your audience, such as age, gender and location.

The last divisions are also monetization and account settings.

A creative studio is therefore a feature-rich tool. Unlike traditional businesses, where it is difficult to find support from third parties, Facebook and other companies tend to help digital entrepreneurs a lot — even if the motivation is strategic, so that they also gain access. In the end, everyone wins.