How to create YouTube channel

The largest video platform in the world is over 15 years old. Learning how to create a YouTube channel can be a great idea for your sales strategy. In addition to offering authority, videos can earn up to R$20 per thousand views, excluding payment for the ads.

Also, if you already invest in content marketing, you’ll notice that video marketing also helps your page rank on Google. The tip is: write the material normally and complement the theme with the audiovisual production. The channel will receive backlinks from the blog or vice versa.

In this article, you will understand what it takes to create a YouTube channel. Read more!

How to create a YouTube channel

Strictly speaking, there are three different methods of creating a channel.

In the first method, you just activate your Google account on the videos platform and then you can watch them, save them and bookmark them. But you will not be able to comment and if you delete the account, the data will also be deleted. That way you will have a login, but you won’t have an official channel.

Google Youtube Account Activation. Youtube – Youtube Help

In the second method, you’ll try to use some channel-only feature (such as commenting on videos) and you’ll be invited to create a personal channel.

Invitation to create a personal channel. Youtube – Youtube Help

Finally, the other way is to create a channel with a company name. But for that, you will need a branded account. This account is different from the personal account in that multiple people can manage it (it’s a company after all) and it also provides a better experience with customers and/or fans.

Brand account creation.

Once you’ve officially created the channel, you’ll need to verify it with a phone number. Only after this step will you be able to make important changes such as placing custom thumbnails in videos, making live streams and publishing longer files (more than 15 minutes).

Best tips for a YouTube channel

Amidst so many existing channels, from various niches, is it still possible to stand out?

Always is! But you need to know what and how to make your identity and knowledge reach your audience. That is why:

Customize the channel the right way

For your channel cover, use an image of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This art draws a lot of attention and can be essential when informing your video submission frequency. The file size should be up to 6MB. With the cover sent, inform other social networks of yours — they will be visible in the lower right corner of the artwork.

In relation to the photo of the channel’s profile, the idea is that it should be 800 x 800 px in size. Finally, write a description of the channel (up to 1000 characters). Remember that this space does not exist for anything: it is indexed in search engines and can even appear as a category on Youtube itself. So, invest in keywords and CTA (call to action).

Include a trailer in the “Home” section

As soon as a visitor arrives, on the “Home” tab, under no circumstances should he leave him without having an overview of what you are dealing with in the channel. Your goal with a trailer like this is to give you an overview of the content covered and why someone would want to subscribe and dedicate their time to the videos.

An important detail is that this video trailer only appears for those who are not yet subscribed to your channel. So don’t worry if it will be repetitive or too obvious.

With just a few clicks, you can create a YouTube channel

Optimize the channel

All the videos you upload, ideally, should be optimized with SEO (Search of Engine Optimization) techniques. But how to do this? Look that:

  • Insert keywords in both titles and descriptions;
  • Create captions and transcripts that make videos trackable (as well as accessible);
  • Make the most of the thumbnail art (video thumbnails)
  • Tag videos so that they appear in queries (example: #entrepreneurship).

So, creating a YouTube channel doesn’t seem like an impossible mission, does it? The real difficulties are in keeping it in the long run, but remember that it can be extra income and it still helps your other networks get a better position on Google.