Images, videos, phrases and other reframed media with viral reach: why using memes in digital marketing would not be a good idea?

The humorous content appeals to almost everyone, talks about current affairs and enables the generation of a bond between brand and customer.

Read on and learn how to use memes in the digital market.

How to use memes in digital marketing

In this era, in addition to digital being on the rise, information and content also involve users at all times.

In this way, publishing memes and generating a moment of relaxation in your digital marketing strategy provides a ‘breather’ and avoids infobesity — an expression related to an excess of information.

It is worth noting that meme, by definition, is information that already exists, like news that hit the web. But memes can be modified and adapted for various other situations. Therefore, they are associated with genes, by biologist Richard Dawkins, due to their characteristic of propagating between communities.

In addition, users of social networks are already consuming memes in their daily lives. When you use one to convey a message about your business, identification is greater.

Learn about some good practices for using memes in content marketing:

  • Use memes without leaving the content aside

The biggest care you should take when using memes in your content is to put some message behind it. People notice when the joke is empty, it doesn’t teach anything and, eventually, it can even be offensive.

  • Avoid conflict

Good memes dispense sharper criticisms of certain customer profiles, references to politics, religion or ‘marketing gurus’.

  • Enjoy foreign content

It’s a good idea to use current news and events to make memes, but don’t leave out more general memes, such as those published in English, on pages like Reddit and Pinterest. You can be inspired, adapt to Brazil and, thus, innovate.

  • Make sure the joke is understandable.

Those who have never posted memes can usually make the mistake of creating content out of context or not self-explanatory enough. Create the meme and show it, before publishing it, to the greatest number of friends. That way they will assess whether the joke is understandable, without the need to do some research.

5 ideas for digital marketing memes

Aware of some tips that will give your marketing memes more assertiveness, get to know some ideas and get inspired: wild memes

There is a wide variety of memes to use, from the current ones to the most successful ones in the past.

Check out, soon, examples of content with wild memes, which worked in any business and market niche.