Hybrid teaching: how to get started in your school

Hybrid teaching is one of the great bets of education for the 21st century. Although it emerged before the Covid-19 pandemic — a pandemic that started in 2019 — it was from the situation imposed by it, from remote education that the proposal is here to stay.

The hybrid education model unites, in a single teaching-learning methodology, face-to-face and remote and/or distance learning modalities. It is the integration and adaptation of education to new technologies.

Want to understand how to start hybrid education in your school? So, read on and we’ll explain everything.

The reality of hybrid teaching

The demand for the hybrid teaching model has grown a lot. As an excellent alternative for those who want to continue their studies or qualify through professional courses for the job market, hybrid education is a great option for learning without leaving home. But do you, an educator, know how to adapt the pedagogical practice and its active methodologies to the Internet in a satisfactory, attractive way, without losing quality?

Through new technologies and easy-to-use digital tools, it is possible to introduce hybrid teaching in your educational institution. With the creation of an institutional platform, in which the faculty, students and technicians have access to a virtual environment, this reality is an alternative that recreates the school atmosphere and brings the educator closer to the learner.

The new proposal, in addition to optimizing the various stages of the teacher’s work inside and outside the classroom, also facilitates the teaching-learning relationship for the student, in addition to promoting autonomy in their own studies without the shackles of traditional teaching.

The main advantage is that on this digital platform, you, the teacher and/or educator, can introduce, at any time:

  • Videos;
  • Images;
  • EBooks ;
  • Audios;
  • Digital reading materials;
  • Contents;
  • Access links;
  • Interactive activities;
  • Participation forums;
  • Polls.

And all the range of files you deem necessary for your teaching practice.

Personalizing education with hybrid teaching

Another important convenience of hybrid teaching is the personalization of education through technology. It allows for the adaptation of instruction to each person according to their needs and progress.

How to develop a digital platform that is didactic while covering so many functions, for different types of users, without having the technical knowledge to do so?

One of the greatest difficulties encountered by teachers and educators during the period of the pandemic, which required changes in active work methodologies, was the handling of new technologies applied to the context of education.

Many teachers found themselves in trouble at various times, because the job market demanded skills that were not previously attributed to them or were in the background.

How do I start hybrid education at my institution?

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