Instagram Checklist to Increase Engagement

Having and maintaining engagement on social media is a challenge for everyone who publishes content through them, that’s why we created the Instagram checklist that engages.

There are practices that, in fact, help users to become more involved with their publications. This involvement generally increases the visibility of your business and, as a result, confidence.

Read the article to understand everything you need to do to improve your Instagram profile engagement and check out our checklist!

Checklist: Instagram that engages

Engagement is calculated by adding the number of likes and the number of comments divided by the number of followers. Then multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage number.

Values ​​lower than 1% indicate low engagement, between 3.5 to 6% engagement is high and from 6% it is excellent.

After all, what are the secrets to getting followers to interact with your profile? Check out!

1. Post at regular times

Most social media algorithms work in your favour when you set days and times to post. In the ideal scenario, you should have a high submission frequency — at least 5 posts per week.

However, this need can be put into perspective when you value quality content. So, if you can only post 3 times a week, it is imperative that, at a minimum, these contents are posted on the same days and times every 7 days.

2. Make the most of the platform’s resources

Instagram has the particularity of often offering extra features. Compare Twitter, for example. It took years for them to launch the latest feature, Spaces. Instagram, however, comes up with news from time to time.

So always try them out. Be simple new stickers for stories, be an extra brush to draw on the camera screen. Test and track the algorithm helping your content.

Whenever Instagram releases new features, it tends to deliver a lot of the content that users create using it. For example, features like reels have a high engagement rate and a higher chance of appearing in the “Explore” tab.

At the same time, people like the content that is delivered by the reels and engage a lot. So, be sure to test these options if you want to grow within the social network.

3. Interact with followers

If the goal is to get followers to interact with you, the logic is that you interact with them too, isn’t it?

Especially if your profile is institutional, they may even feel afraid to contact you. So comment on their posts, react to their stories and respond to all the comments they make in your feed.

4. Publish great content

‘Boring’ content does not engage. The reality is that Instagram is a disputed attention field: if your publication is more of the same, it won’t have space.

That way, consume high-level content to process, interpret and share it with your vision to your followers. Also, connect with reality: what are people talking about? Is it about Big Brother Brazil? About a national event? Update yourself.

5. Make lives

Lives work as an upgrade to stories: you turn on the camera to chat live, in a more intimate way than in the feed.

To maximize this, if it’s compatible with your content strategy, invite followers to participate in the lives with you. Additionally, set aside fixed days and times to do their lives so that followers will remember them more easily.

6. Repost the best content

You don’t need to invent the wheel for every post, because Instagram doesn’t deliver every post to every follower.

So if a group X saw a certain post for the first time, that same image or video, when published for the second time, can be shown by a group Y and receive a shower of likes as well.

7. Create stories with geotags

In stories, you can add a sticker that indicates the location of the content and the more specific the better. For example: instead of indicating the city, indicate the mall where your business is located. Even add a call to action to these stories to improve engagement.

In feed posts, it is also allowed to add the location, and it is even estimated that this practice increases engagement by up to 79%.