Instagram Polls: 6 Question Ideas

Any strategy that helps with social media engagement is welcome, isn’t it? Making creative polls for Instagram is one of them.

The application allows the creation of polls in stories through its stickers (stickers). In other words, just create a normal story and, before publishing it, add one of the poll buttons.

Check out, below, good practices in creating polls for Instagram and 6 ideas for you to get inspired and make your own.

Best Practices for Instagram Polls

By closely analyzing an Instagram account, it is possible to see when social media, or the owner of the profile, tries to analyze user data to use them in the strategy.

Those who analyze their own audience are able to deliver personalized publications that are distinct from similar profiles.

That’s the purpose of creating polls. With them, you can study the data collected and understand if it is in line with the expectations of would-be customers.

Now, see how to create polls and gather information strategically.


Instead of just playing the poll on the profile, suddenly do previous stories, as if it were a conversation.

For example: imagine you want to gather ideas for launching a webinar. Before asking in the stories, tell us about an event that you attended and that had a great impact.

Less text, more image

Stories last for a few seconds, and most people like to follow dozens of Instagram profiles. So optimize their time and use more images than text.

Useful tools

Invest in useful tools for polls, such as Pinterest, which provides quality images, and Canva, which helps you create custom stories.

Types of polls

The poll is a very generic term, as the social network has several stickers to interact with the public. See which ones they are and think which one fits best with your goal:

Question box

Option in which you can ask a question for viewers to answer in the space indicated.

Most people use the box in the opposite way, so followers ask questions.

The disadvantage of the box is that it is not so engaging, as it requires more creativity and proactivity from the follower.

Sliding emoji

It’s the sticker on which you can write a question or phrase, and the user can slide an emoji of their choice, indicating how strongly they identify with the phrase — whether agreeing, disagreeing, etc.

2 options poll

It’s the classic poll sticker. You ask a question and the user can respond with a short text (yes or no, for example).

But you can also just put emoji’s and make the poll more interactive.


It’s a slightly more elaborate poll, but still simpler than the question box.

In this option, you type the phrase and also present 4 different options — automatically determined as A, B, C, and D— to be voted on.

By tapping on the data icon, at the bottom of the sticker, Instagram already makes suggestions for questions, such as “Guess my favorite pizza filling…”

6 creative poll question ideas

After all, what questions to ask? After contextualizing, try some of these ideas with your audience:

Ask for feedback on news in the service or product

If you’ve put into practice something new or extra functionality in your business, ask for your audience’s impressions through polls.

Explore the theme of the post of the day or a commemorative date

On days when there is a post in the feed, take a quiz or ask related questions. On days without a post, enjoy a commemorative date or some news.

Make “battles” of products or brands

Create images with one product next to the other, or brands, and, with the 2-choice poll, ask the follower to choose their favourite option.

Ask topics followers would like to see

Preferably at the beginning or end of each month, ask for suggestions for topics to address on Instagram.

Record behind the scenes and create related polls

What happens in your company can sometimes be shared with the public and generate a lot of connections. Take the opportunity and ask the public’s opinion about facts and news that happens behind the scenes.

Use the slider emoji for poll answers

Write 3 sentences in the story, one next to the other, and place the slider emoji for people to respond in a practical and interactive way.

As you have seen, Instagram polls are powerful resources to have a good marketing strategy and sell more through this social network.

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