LGPD and Marketing: how the law should be adopted in email marketing

LGPD in email marketing is an application designed to preserve the privacy and security of the email address system. Do you want to better understand what LGPD Brazil is and how to adapt your strategies to the Law? Keep reading the post to check out more!

LGPD in email marketing

Digital marketing needs to keep up with a number of other areas to remain with efficient practices and, above all, legally accepted. In this context, the so-called LGPD law recently generated the urgent need for adaptations in digital marketing practices, such as email marketing.

By modifying data guidelines and proposing new regulations in effect, the law made it necessary to apply an LGPD in email marketing. In this way, this method and digital marketing as a whole remain in line with the paths of online privacy and security.

What is LGPD?

It is common to use only the acronym to refer to the law. However, it is officially named General Data Protection Law and, in Brazil, it was enacted in 2018. In 2020, when it came into force, it generated debates and the need to reformulate privacy and security guidelines on the web.

It was inspired by the European law GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), with only a few differences, due to the increase in data leakage cases in recent years.

Basically, LGPD Brazil advocates the establishment of clear rules for the user regarding the collection, storage and sharing of their personal data. This involves any information connected to the person and any operational handling of each individual’s data.

Penalties for non-compliance with these standards were also toughened in the LGPD Brazil law, causing companies that previously did not have a filter regarding the collection of user data only when strictly relevant, to undergo changes in their operation.

LGPD in email marketing is essential to keep the business secure and up to date | Photo: Unsplash

LGPD in email marketing is essential to keep the business secure and up to date | Photo: Unsplash

LGPD x Digital Marketing

One of the techniques of digital marketing is called email marketing. This method consists of firing emails to a certain audience, such as a contact list. It is common to use automation tools for this. The main objective revolves around achieving communication with the user, completing a marketing action.

Through e-mail marketing, it is possible to publicize products, offers, among other “leaflets”. This worked for a while but ended up causing some annoyance to users when they came with a virus or simply arrived in an insistent and unpleasant volume. And the main thing: without the user’s permission.

The LGPD in email marketing relates exactly to the user’s permission to collect, store and use his data. If it is necessary to obtain any type of data, the company will have to justify it to the user before obtaining it.

Above all, this process of obtaining can only be completed after consent or legitimate interest, two legal bases for recording data that must be considered in digital marketing. The choice for one or the other line varies according to the company’s dynamics and the operation of sales actions.

How to adopt LGPD email marketing?

In order for digital marketing strategies, especially in email marketing, to be aligned with the LGPD principles, some issues need to be revised.

Lead base

Your lead base, for example, which consists of potential customers who have already shown some kind of interest in the service offered, needs to authorize the processing of the data you have about them.
These clients will have to be reached by more organic methods of generating interest, which may even result in stronger and more transparent relationships with them – one of the positive points of this readjustment of legal bases.

Specify the reason for the requested data

One of the biggest key points is to really make everything clear to the user! Specify why the requested data is relevant and when it is being used, always keeping the essence of the most direct conversation that guides email marketing.

Offer content options

“ What content do you want to receive? ” play the role of filtering the content that arrives in the lead base and help to better segment customers based on their interests, promoting customer acquisition. In addition to putting your email marketing a step inside LGPD Brazil.