Sales video: what is it and how to do it?

Let’s do an exercise: Think quickly of a television commercial that was very successful. You sure remembered a lot faster than if we asked you to recall some written advertisements. Sales video has the power to engage the audience.

Therefore, it is important that infoproducers invest in this strategy to promote their courses and this can be done by publishing videos online. However, the recording must be careful, so that the advertisement is not negative and really manages to attract people’s attention.

Want to know what sales video is and how to do it? Read on.

Sales video: what is it?

The sales video is a strategy for the audience to get to know your products and services. This practice is not new, after all, the big brands have been using it for decades. But the internet provided the possibility for other people to also promote their brand in this way.

According to data released by Semrush, 55% of people watch videos online every day and 78% watch it every week. Therefore, with a well-crafted script and recording, you will have a large audience to watch.

This video has a purpose and structure similar to the traditional sales letter. This is because it aims to persuade the potential customer, by explaining how your product/service can solve a problem for them, what are the differentials of your solution and your offer.

Here’s how to make a foolproof sales video:

Pay attention to the first few seconds of the video

With so much information available on the internet, you need to secure people’s attention within the first 15 seconds. We even recommend that the first sentence is impactful and has to do with your avatar’s reality, to serve as bait.

Some ways to introduce your video:

  • Speak a curiosity;
  • Use humour;
  • Present the theme of the video objectively;
  • Talk about a common problem for the persona.

With that, the viewer will identify and stop to watch the rest. If you leave it to be attractive only in the middle or end of the video, few people will get to see it. That’s because, unlike a commercial on television, the internet has countless stimuli that will make the potential customer leave your page in the first few seconds.

Create a connection with the audience

After getting people’s attention, you need to get closer to them. To do this, you can commit to helping your client achieve a dream or overcome fears. Be emphatic and specific so that people really understand that you are willing to help with that fear or dream.

It is not yet time to present your solution. You are still at the stage of generating identification so that when you present the product, people are already convinced of your authority and your differentials.

Present the solution

Now, it’s time to show all the important points of your solution. Be objective when demonstrating the benefits and say only what you believe will add value to people.

For example, saying that your course teaches digital marketing will not generate desire or convey authority. But, you can talk about the solution itself and the differentials, such as “you will learn how to sell 3x more online” or “we have a member’s area and fast support”.
Submit the offer

Never fail to present your offer, unless your work is priced in a personalized way for each client. It can include factors such as price, bonuses and discounts. The more complete the offer, the greater the possibility that people will see value in it.

At this point, do not try to deceive your viewer, because before finalizing the purchase, you will notice and, in addition to not having the sale, you will also lose credibility. Talk about payment methods, how your product/service will be delivered, and if there is a trial period, it is worth mentioning.

Prepare a CTA

Imagine that a person stays until the end of the video and is interested in purchasing your product, but the video ends and there is no call to action. It is likely that the person will end up leaving it for later or not know what to do and give up on the purchase.

A Call to Action — CTA — serves precisely to avoid this loss of customers. Here, the mental trigger of scarcity or urgency can be used, so that the person is in a greater hurry to purchase your product or service.

Extra tip: be careful with the footage

There is no problem recording your video at home and with the equipment you have. After all, it is not always that the entrepreneur’s budget will allow hiring a professional team. However, you need to be careful. Some tips are:

  • Build a beautiful scenario with elements that refer to what you provide;
  • Choose a quiet environment so there is no noise;
  • Be careful not to muffle the microphone;
  • Bring the correct lighting to the place, preferably with equipment such as a softbox.

After producing a sales video with our tips and making the correct disclosure, your results can improve and leverage the business. In addition, the public will feel more connected to the brand.