The best postgraduate courses in the business area for every entrepreneur to do

To be an entrepreneur in Brazil, you need a lot of commitment, focus and hard work. To assist in this journey, and knowledge is rewarding and will serve as an aid along the way. The study, by the way, is responsible for a good part of the successful entrepreneurs. That’s why professional qualifications are so important, and knowing postgraduate options can be essential to your success.

According to a study by the District, among founders of unicorn startups (with a market value of more than $1 billion), 75% had a postgraduate degree or specialization, with the majority in the business area. We are not saying that exceptions cannot happen, but a good formation can be a hand in the wheel for anyone who wants to undertake.

But which is the best? To assist in the choice, in partnership with Quero Bolsa, a platform for vacancies and scholarships in higher education, we selected the most suitable for entrepreneurs. Check out the list!

First of all, what are the best undergraduate courses?

Before undertaking a postgraduate degree, it is necessary to undertake an undergraduate degree. But which course should the entrepreneur choose? There are some who bring both theoretical and practical knowledge when setting up their own business. The most suitable courses for those who want to undertake are:

  • Administration helps to understand the universe of company management itself, dealing with human, financial and material resources. It is excellent for those who want to start the company knowing how to deal with corporate processes;
  • Accounting: learns to deal with the entire accounting part of the company, also orientating its cash flow, with all the reserves and working capital. If you are not an accountant, it is important that you have one within your team;
  • Economy: understands the company within a macroeconomic aspect and learning to deal with long-term planning and analyzing its numbers. Economists manage to have a systemic and broad vision, which can help if they need to change the course of business;
  • Systems Analysis and Development: most of the unicorn startups (cited at the beginning of the text) came from a technological product or service, and it is a good idea to create something in this sense. If programming is not necessary, the course is also a good one because it provides the possibility of dealing with other technological devices;
  • Marketing: every company needs to know how to sell its product and the marketing course will teach tactics on how to market it and increase your profit with it. Thus, the entrepreneur is able to position their brand and reach their consumers.

Now, let’s get into the topic of the article: what are the best postgraduate courses for entrepreneurs?

Business management

In Business Management, the student will understand the structure of a corporate environment, activities of managers and basic functions of the organization.

It is aimed at professionals who want to develop theoretical and technical knowledge about companies and exercise executive positions, but it is perfect for those who want to deal with their own business.

Financial management

For those who improve their administrative quality and understand more about finance, this is the right post. It brings knowledge about the financial environment (including within companies) and provides the opportunity to increase the scope of action.

It also helps the entrepreneur to deepen knowledge through financial management techniques and processes, including simulated management.

People management

Every entrepreneur needs to manage human resources, that is, their employees. Therefore, a graduate degree in people management may be the best way to go.

The purpose of the course is to train someone, whether from any area, capable of creating, developing and dealing with systems involving other employees within organizations (companies, NGOs, government agencies, etc.).

Project management

In Project Management, the student will manage initiatives using best practices for project success.

Despite being classes more aimed at those who work in companies, the course can be taken by people with higher education in any area, as its techniques can be applied in different segments.

Digital marketing

Well, everyone needs to sell, right? People are looking for products and services today in the digital environment. Therefore, the post in Digital Marketing is essential, as it enables the professional to use digital models to leverage the company’s business.

The internet is now the main means through which companies invest in promoting their brand, services and products. With good use of online resources and techniques, the professional can bring positive results.

There are numerous other postgraduate courses that can help, being more focused on the business itself. However, those cited in this article are very useful in every common part for any business, regardless of the segment in which it is worked.