Viral Marketing: 3 examples and how to do it

Viral marketing is one that makes the brand enter people’s heads subtly, but without asking permission. Currently, it’s easy to see if a campaign has gone viral, because, in a short time, it’s already on every corner of our social networks, isn’t it?

This strategy is very useful for the business to strengthen the brand, the relationship with consumers and gain space in the market. Viral marketing must be planned and there are some factors that contribute to success.

In order for you to better understand how it works, let’s show 3 examples and explain how to do it. See below and have fun remembering some campaigns.

3 examples of viral marketing

Alpha Bakery

The advertisement made by the Alfa Bakery used a very favourable moment of the year to make a humorous campaign: Christmas. Despite having a simple production, the video script is attractive and short, which holds the viewer until the end.


One idea to go viral is to use something that already has an identity and that the public already likes. That’s what Vivo did when using the song “Eduardo e Monica” in its advertising campaign. For the viewer, it doesn’t even look like an advertisement, as it sounds like a tribute to music and is much easier for people to share.


In 1996, Parmalat launched a campaign that, at the time, went viral. Imagine if it were today, times when sharing is much easier. The campaign tells a story, through a jingle and uses characters that are considered cute by people. As a result, the brand remained in the public’s mind for a long time.

How to do viral marketing


Have you ever noticed that advertisements for hair care products that are shown on television are often the same? It usually shows a woman with silky strands and talks about the benefits of the shampoo. There is an expected pattern and it is likely that these commercials will not go viral.

This happens with other products as well. Using humour to produce something unexpected is a great tactic for anyone looking to focus on viral marketing. But, be careful, think well with the team before executing it and eliminate all possibilities of the satire being misinterpreted.

Create a good story

Aggressive campaigns no longer attract the consumer, who is increasingly demanding and looking for good experiences. The storytelling has great power to provide this experience.

Therefore, a good strategy should use this technique to get attention and engage the audience with the story. This will humanize the brand and increase the desire to share it with others.

Don’t focus on advertising

As we said, the current generation is not interested in brands that use explicit persuasion. So, the producer needs to look for ways to spread his product/service subtly, through the construction of the story.

Rather, the focus is on promoting the brand. However, well-done marketing does not leave this intention wide open and makes people even practice Referral Marketing, without thinking that they received incentives for it.

Put in the correct marketing channel

The most expensive channel will not always be the most efficient for your business. Know where your persona is, analyze your budget and invest in the best location. In the case of social networks, it is even possible to include the strategy in more than one channel, such as YouTube and Instagram.

The platforms are quite powerful, mainly because of their ease of sharing, which helps to make the content go viral. So, create something that encourages the desire to share the material with others.

Be ready

It is possible that the strategy will go viral to the point where your sales platform does not support the amount of access. Or, in other cases, that the sales force is not enough to handle new leads. This creates frustration and negative marketing for the business.

So be prepared to meet a good amount of people. At the very least, look for the best way to communicate with the public to justify yourself in the event of these unforeseen events, whether through groups, social networks or support.

Remember that the viral campaign is temporary

If you follow these tips, chances are your campaign will go viral. However, people will only continue with their venture if they see more value in it, beyond that campaign.

So, even before the launch, already have other attractive content on your social networks. Then produce even more quality content consistently to increase audience connection and keep them loyal to the brand.

It is not possible to say that the campaign will be a national success, like the examples we have given. This is unpredictable and depends on public acceptance. However, following these tips to carry out Viral Marketing will ensure that the business is promoted and known by more people.