What is Aedicule? +43 Project Templates to Inspire

Many people have already heard about different models of aedicule, but not everyone knows what it is and how it can be a great constructive differential in house projects. Therefore, it does not matter which of the aedicule models you have chosen for your home. The important thing is to bring a well-made building that takes advantage of the dead space in the back of the land to bring more functionality to the resident and even to visitors.

The aedicule is a wild building element for those who dream of adding a leisure area and do not have space inside the house or want it to be separated so that visitors do not see the intimacy of the house. Therefore, it can be used to complement the pool even with changing rooms, bringing a barbecue or gourmet area and even adding a living and dining room outside

The aedicule also serves as a pantry or an extra bedroom to accommodate visitors with more comfort and privacy, and may even have a private room or kitchen for support. Or for those who like handicrafts, a sewing or arts atelier. For those who work from home, the aedicule can also serve as a great office, and if it has an independent entrance, it is better, as it allows to receive clients outside the home, without interfering with the family’s routine.

Thus, what characterizes the construction is that it is positioned at the bottom of the land, and often presents an entrance separate from the main house, which may be on the side of the land or on the back street. It is worth remembering that construction in some parts of Brazil is also known as half-water.

Image 1- Models of aedicule: Intimate project at the end of the land with a swimming pool with a beautiful waterfall that enchants the viewer.

Aedicule in house with swimming pool.

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House models

Aedicule models vary in size, shape and function. That’s why we’ve separated different ideas for you to find which one best fits your style and needs.

Do not think that the aedicule are synonymous with “puxadinho”, after all, with a good architectural project it is possible to build well-planned spaces, with bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and even a garage and independent exit from the main building. Check out some aedicula models:

Image 2 – At the bottom of the land, a building next to the pool contributes to the leisure area with a balcony and a pergola to enjoy the outdoor area.

Models of aedicula: Next to the swimming pool, it served as an annex to the leisure area.

Image 3 – In this case, the aedicula was used as a gourmet space, with a barbecue and a very comfortable dining area. The rustic atmosphere prevails with exposed bricks and hydraulic tiles.

The aedicula was used as a gourmet area, equipped with a barbecue.

Image 4 – Beautiful model of a house that is used as a gourmet area equipped with barbecue and wood oven. The green roof contributes to thermal comfort.

Models of aedicula: Gourmet space guarantees comfort for festive days.

Image 5 – Another example of a house model, here the building at the end of the land was used as a complete gourmet kitchen and was set up to receive friends with a fridge, cooktop and barbecue.

Gourmet kitchen: Among the aedicula models, the gourmet kitchen is perfect for those who want to receive in style.

Image 6 – Beautiful little house used as a social area, with a living and dining room space. Wooden furniture was used due to its high durability.

Aedicule used as living and dining rooms.

Image 7- For those who love cooking, in addition to the barbecue it is worth investing in a wood oven too, perfect for making pizzas.

House models: Gourmet area with barbecue and wood oven.

Image 8 – Aedicule at the back of the house brought a bench for meals, a dining table and a barbecue. All this decorated with burnt cement floor and hydraulic tile.

Among the aedicula models used for leisure, those with a gourmet area are the most common.

Image 9 – Beautiful little house used as a gourmet kitchen, the well-equipped space brought a refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop and gourmet faucet. Who doesn’t dream of a space like this, right?

Gourmet kitchen used in a house.

What is Aedicule?

After all, what are the aedicules? It means a small house, which is at the bottom of the lot. In the past, as it was composed of a bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, the house served as an extra source of income, as it could be rented as it had an independent entrance.

Today, the use is quite different, the aedicula is used as an extension of the main house. Serving as a laundry, storage of materials and even as a leisure space, there are aedicules with barbecue facilities, aedicules with a gourmet kitchen or adicules with a swimming pool, for example.

However, despite being outside the main house, the aedicula also counts as a built-up area. Therefore, it is important to verify the legality for the construction of a house, as it may extrapolate the total built-up area (ATE) of the lot.

Image 10 – Model of aedicula: Building in the back of the land is used with barbecue.


Image 11 – Aedicula has a barbecue, dining area and an enclosed space that can be used both as a party room and a games room.

Aedicula has a barbecue and a closed room for games or parties.

Image 12 – In this building at the back of the project, the architects took great care in bringing a wood-burning oven, barbecue, dining tables and even a vegetable garden.

Gourmet area features gas grill, wood oven and large dining area.

Image 13 – Breathtaking: Look how incredible the project with two floors with a large leisure area consisting of a swimming pool, pergola and aedicula.

Gourmet area has a neat design in a house.

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Image 14 – Aedicula brings a super modern look with a blackboard wall, living and dining area.

Gourmet area with living room and super modern look.

Image 15 – Another example of a house that works as a gourmet area and lounge for parties. In addition, the outdoor area also has sun loungers to enjoy the sun.

Small house with barbecue.

Image 16 – Aedicule equipped with a barbecue, dining tables and pergola. Furthermore, the lawn can also be used as an extension of coverage.

Models of aedicula: Barbecue with green area.

House Model Plan

There are several ways to design the aedicule and it will all depend on the shape and size of the land where it will be chosen. It has projects measuring 4.5 x 8 m, complete with living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Projects with a smaller dimension can only house the leisure area.

To help you choose between the aedicula models, we have separated some floor plans that show that it is possible to build on the most varied types of terrain.

Image 17 – This aedicule was designed in an area of ​​6.5 x 8 m, that is, it has 52 m². The project brings a complete house, with kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom. In addition to a large outdoor balcony.

Floor plan with 52 m², with a complete house.

Image 18 – Another aedicule project that brings a complete house, however, in this case it has 71 m², and two bedrooms. With entrance through the kitchen and the living room, this model house has a kitchen, laundry area, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Plan of a house with 71 m², with two bedrooms.

Image 19 – This humanized floor plan shows a house with living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room and bedroom, all in 48 m². Thus, the space even has a small terrace in front of the entrance door.

Floor plan of 48 m², with a single bedroom, kitchen and living and dining room.

Image 20 – The land with an irregular background brought a large aedicule, which was used as a service area, barbecue, office/music room, bathroom and an extra bedroom. In addition, the architect who brought the proposal bet on different architectural elements, such as the rounded wall, the light moat and the garden in front of the aedicule’s roof.

Aedicule with irregular plan and used as a leisure area.

Image 21 – Another example of an irregular plant that brought an aedicule, but in this case it was designed as a leisure area to receive friends, with a kitchen, barbecue, dining area, bathroom and laundry.

Shed of leisure area with barbecue and dining area.

Building Projects

After we present some plans of aedicules, it is easier to imagine the one that is most suitable for the project possible in your land. This is what determines the best among the aedicula models. In addition to the usability of the environments, if the family is a party, a gourmet area is essential.

Here are some cool tips:

  • If the project has a barbecue and bathroom, the ideal is that the door does not face the dining area, thus avoiding any discomfort caused by bad smells.
  • In the case of a house with a swimming pool, the construction of a male and female bathroom with shower is recommended, so that guests can drain the chlorine water before getting dressed again.
  • In the case of gourmet areas, it is necessary to think about the entire electrical structure, with outlets for the refrigerator, freezer and other equipment.

Image 22 – In this project of a house with barbecue, the retractable roof allows the sun to enter.

Aedicule with gas barbecue and synthetic fiber furniture.

Image 23 – Small house with swimming pool, barbecue and bathroom. The choice was to use rustic pieces, such as a brick barbecue and a wooden table.

Aedicule with swimming pool, barbecue and bathroom.

Image 24 – The land with two swimming pools – one for adults and one for children, had a house with a barbecue in the back, as well as sun loungers to enjoy the sun.

Aedicule with gourmet area and swimming pool, in addition to a closed lounge at the end.

Image 25 – Aedicule with swimming pool brought a super comfortable living room to receive visitors. In addition, it has a bench for quick meals and a TV.

Aedicula works as a living room next to the swimming pool.

Image 26 – The house with swimming pool serves as an extension of the leisure area with a bench for visitors to have good drinks. Furthermore, the highlight is the landscaping of the land.

Aedicule with a wood panel as a decorative highlight.

17 House Ideas for your Project

Image 27 – Aedicule with hydro massage. Just as it is worth noting that it has a private room on the side, with a concealed door on the façade panel.

Outdoor space with whirlpool and living room.

Image 28 – The perfect aedicule to gather friends brings a living room and dining room. It is possible to close the opening with a glass door.

Area with dining and living room.

Image 29 – The aedicula brought a complete social area: Barbecue, dining room and living room. As it is used in summer, it has ceiling fans to ward off the heat.

Leisure area with living room, dining room and barbecue.

Image 30 – Super cool house with perfect social area to gather friends for a chat or take advantage of the comfortable armchair to read a book, after all, who doesn’t want a space like this to rest?!

Comfortable social area to receive friends.

Image 31 – In this project, the idea was to create a nice structure, made of metal and wood. The house was equipped with a barbecue and a wood oven.

Project with barbecue and wood oven.

Image 32 – Well-designed house with a gourmet area equipped with a barbecue, refrigerator and other accessories. At the bottom of the coral wall is the bathroom.

Gourmet area equipped with barbecue and appliances as well as a dining room.

Image 33 – A house like this is breathtaking: with a well-lit pool, barbecue and wood oven.

Aedicule with swimming pool, barbecue and pizza oven.

Image 34 – View of the aedicule from the inside. Thus, it is possible to see how cozy it is, an atmosphere guaranteed by the wood. Therefore, it pays to invest in the material whenever possible.

Aedicule with wooden walls and ceiling.

Image 35 – Aedicule closed with sliding glass doors, thus, the internal area brings the living room and dining room. Also, see how the ceiling brought bamboo details, thus ensuring a super different look!

Area with barbecue and dining area.

Image 36 – Outdoor leisure area with swimming pool, barbecue and waterfall. Note that the aedicule in this project is super small, but well used for leisure.

Outdoor leisure area with swimming pool, barbecue and waterfall

Image 37 – A beautiful gourmet house with barbecue and wood oven, as well as a stove to help with other recipes.

Aedicule with barbecue and wood oven.

L-shaped house design

A recurrent configuration in aedicules is the L-shaped layout, “embracing” the terrain, and taking better advantage of the available footage. Often the pool is also in the middle of this construction. As well as a beautiful garden or cozy lawn.

Check out some project ideas with L-shaped house models taking advantage of the terrain’s shape and get inspired:

Image 38 – An example of an aedicule that surrounds the pool. Here, the project has a barbecue, bench for meals and a balcony with comfortable wooden chairs.

L-shaped house project.

Image 39 – A super nice building in L, brings a gourmet area, a dining room and a closed room, which can be used from an intimate space, as a guest room to a studio or games room.

Shed in L with swimming pool.

Image 40 – L-shaped building, with private space and barbecue. Note that it also has two bathrooms, one female and one male, for when you receive visitors.

Shed in L with swimming pool and private area.

Image 41 – Here, the L-shaped building at the bottom of the land brings a barbecue area right in front of the pool, on the side, there are the living and dining rooms. Furthermore, the idea is perfect for those who love to welcome you at home with comfort and style. Note that the green area is only in the corner of the land, a good idea so that on rainy days it does not dirty the entire party area.

Shed in L with swimming pool and barbecue.

Image 42 – Aedicule in L, with dining tables. Outside, spaces with sofas and armchairs for a delicious afternoon of leisure. As well as the wooden deck that leads to the pool, it is the perfect space for sun loungers.

House models: L-shaped design with swimming pool.

Image 43 – This aedicula conquers those who love the contemporary style but don’t give up a rustic touch. The L-shaped design “embraces” the pool and serves as a complement to the leisure area, with a gourmet space and seating.

Shed in L with large swimming pool.

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