What is after-sales and how to retain customers [practical tips?]

But, after all, what happens after the info product is sold? It is essential to answer this question, as it is necessary to maintain a good relationship with the customer. Therefore, do you know what after-sales is?

This is a step in the sales funnel that takes place after the purchase, that is, it is the moment in which you use strategies to gain customer loyalty. Therefore, this step is very important for you to be able to sell other info products.

Want to know more about this topic? So, read on and check it out!

What is after-sales?

After-sales is a set of strategies used to build customer loyalty. It represents the last step in the sales process, as it is at this point that you are able to consolidate your relationship with the customer.

Remember that after-sales are where you help people who bought your info product to consume it in the best possible way. This happens through content sent by e-mail, by WhatsApp, among other means of communication.

It also includes offering new info products that can help the customer move into another sales funnel of their digital business. In fact, this is the best way to get a second sale to the same person.

This is because a well-done after-sales service transforms a simple customer into a promoter of your brand, that is, a person who defends your business in the market. Therefore, in addition to continuing to consume your digital products and services, it helps you to gain new customers.

What are the benefits?

We can say that the main benefit of after-sales is cost reduction. As we’ve seen, when you manage to keep the current customer, he keeps buying. This way, it is not necessary to make a great effort for a new first sale to happen.

This doesn’t happen when it’s necessary to acquire new customers. In this case, money must be spent to implement marketing and sales actions to turn people into customers.

Therefore, we can see that the loyalty resulting from post-sales helps you reduce costs with the acquisition of new customers since it is possible to sell to current consumers.

In addition, they act as promoters of your brand, that is, they promote your digital products to others for free. This makes your audience grow and you can make sales without relying on too many resources.

How to use after-sales to build customer loyalty?

To help you use after-sales to build customer loyalty, here are some strategies that can strengthen your relationship with your infoproduct’s consumers. Come on!

Follow up

After the sale, you need to contact the customer to maintain the relationship. To do this, use different means of communication and maintain an interval between contacts.

Take this time to collect information about customer satisfaction with your infoproduct. As well as provide tips so he can put it to good use.

Inform about news

It is also essential that you notify customers when something new happens in your business, such as the launch of new digital products or services. That way they feel important and their chances of making a new sale increase.

Take advantage of special dates

Imagine your favourite company remembering your birthday and sending a card to your house, wouldn’t that be interesting? So, this is a very good strategy for you to apply in your daily life. Therefore, take advantage of the important dates for your customer and send messages of congratulations, gifts, free samples, among others.

Create loyalty programs

Creating loyalty programs is essential to keep your customers buying from you. Remember to make clear, objective rules, and never promise what you can’t deliver.

Normally, in these programs, each purchase turns into points and this accumulated score can be exchanged for incredible rewards, such as new products, discounts, among others. This helps to drive your customer to keep buying your infoproducts.

Invest in content production

During the sales process you usually invest a lot in content marketing, isn’t it? But remember that after-sales is also necessary to continue investing in the production of relevant content for customers.

In this case, you can make e-books or blog posts and social media to improve the usability of the info product. Or, it can try to solve new customer problems. In this way, it is possible to keep your brand present in the consumer’s life.

Bonus tip: Invest in over-delivery

Over delivery is the practice of delivering more than the customer expected. In this way, it exceeds the expectations of the customer, who starts to have a positive view of the business. Want to understand how it works?