What is the difference between webinar and live?

Do you know the difference between live and webinars? These two terms are very present in the digital world and have become part of our daily lives. Both have great potential for those who want to relate to their audience and attract new customers.

Therefore, these digital marketing strategies have become a major market trend and, during the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020, they received even more prominence.

Of course, before isolation, lives and webinars already existed and were part of the lives of many entrepreneurs and digital content producers. However, in 2020, especially the lives (remember the musical live boom at the beginning of the year?), gained even more prominence.

Both formats are excellent for reaching a large number of people without involving the high costs of face-to-face meetings. In addition, they help entrepreneurs generate authority, test content, connect with the audience in order to understand it, among others. Still, there is a difference between a webinar and live.

If the live or webinar is well planned and offers content that is really relevant to the audience, it is possible to obtain excellent results for businesses in any segment.

How is a live?

In English, live simply means “live”. However, the term is often used to refer to live video streams on social media such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn.

If you’ve watched the musical lives that turned into a fever at the start of the pandemic, you’ve probably noticed that they lasted for hours and hours. But, as a rule, lives don’t last that long, ok?

Ideally, they last up to an hour, so you’re more likely to be able to retain the viewer’s attention throughout the entire period.

Lives are usually more relaxed and seek to deal with issues that are on the rise or that are of interest to a particular audience.

Why do lives?

It is an opportunity for internet users to follow an event as it happens, without having to leave the house.

Another advantage is that live allows viewers to interact with the content producer through comments and likes, which generates more engagement and connection with the audience.

With greater engagement, you can increase the number of sales through CTAs (Call-to-actions).

Furthermore, it is a space for asking questions and establishing a strong relationship with viewers. So it’s a great way to generate more leads for your business.

A survey conducted by New York Magazine identified that:

  • 80% of people prefer to watch a brand’s live than read its blog;
  • 67% of the audience who watched a live bought tickets to a similar event;
  • 67% stated that quality is the most important factor when watching a live.

So, when producing your lives, remember to pay attention to these details! But what is the difference between live and webinar?

What is a webinar like?

A webinar (or webinar ) is nothing more than an online seminar on a specific subject.

As with live, only one person expresses himself for others to hear. Communication with the audience takes place through comments.

Webinars can be used for different purposes:

  • With a broader theme, to attract leads ;
  • With a more advanced theme, to attract leads to another step in your Sales Funnel;
  • To present your product/service to convert leads into customers;
  • To focus on your customer’s pain, with the objective of doing Relationship Marketing.

Many professionals use webinars to deliver educational presentations related to their business. Others use it as a way to teach something to their audience. There are also professionals who use them as a sales tool.

But in addition to these functions, webinars are also great tools for conducting live interviews with other professionals who are authorities on the subject. This can be a great option to raise the level of your business, as it usually attracts many followers of these people.

As with live, to do a webinar, all you need is a good internet connection and a dash of courage to connect with other people.

YouTube can be a good tool to broadcast your webinar. See how to do it:

How to plan a webinar?

Planning is simple and should contain some essential points, such as:

  • Define the theme, date, platform and time to disclose;
  • Invite participating speakers;
  • Create a digital marketing campaign, with landing page to capture leads, marketing emails, posts to social networks and what else makes sense for your strategy.

Another important tip is to make the content available to those who haven’t watched it live, as this helps to reinforce authority and attract the audience’s attention to your business.

Now that you know the difference between live and webinar, it’s time to get your hands dirty. And to help you make your videos even more professional, Herospark has created the free Ebook + Masterclass kit: How to build a recording studio that fits your budget!

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