White Granite: Types +80 Beautiful Decorating Ideas

Choosing flooring for stairs, floors, countertops and sinks can be a challenge for many people. After all, with so many options available on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Well, one of the coatings that has been most used in decoration projects is white granite, which stands out for its aesthetics, strength and durability.

Therefore, in this article you will find all the information about this stone, including advantages, varieties, instructions on care and various decorating ideas, which will help you to better understand this type of coating and whether white granite is the ideal choice. For the decoration of your home.

Why should you invest in this stone?

With so many different types of granite, you may be wondering why you should use white granite in your home. The great advantage of this type of granite is that it gives a more clean, light and delicate look to the environment in which it is used. Furthermore, due to its appearance, its presence in the room can also be associated with a feeling of cleanliness, which attracts many consumers.

Another positive point of this stone is that it is much more resistant than other coverings, such as marble and ceramics, has a longer durability, has less porosity and can still be found at a much more attractive price than other types of coverings. That’s why white granite is one of the favorite elements in bathroom and kitchen decorating projects.


It is possible to find several types of white granite available in the market. Each of them has a pattern of shade and different characteristics, such as strength and porosity. In addition, each type of granite has a nomenclature that refers to its region of origin. With that in mind, in the next topics you will learn about the main types of white granite, their description and appropriate indications for their use. Check it out below!

Siena White Granite

Siena white granite is one of the most popular and cheapest options on the market. It can be used as a coating and in the manufacture of countertops for kitchens, service areas and planned bathrooms. This type of granite stands out for having a predominantly white background and some pink spots, which makes its appearance quite uniform. In addition, it is very resistant and has a low absorption rate.

Image 1: Siena white granite makes your clean kitchen even more beautiful.

Simple kitchen decorated with white Siena granite.

White Granite Itabuna’s

Itabuna’s white granite is one of the types most used in decoration projects, because it presents a look that resembles marble. However, this is an option with a more affordable price than other stones. However, due to its high porosity, this is one of the types of granite that is more prone to stains. Therefore, invest in waterproofing to avoid the appearance of dark spots.

Image 2: You can use a white iTunes granite countertop to make your kitchen more elegant.

Kitchen with gray cabinet and white granite itaunas.

Dallas White Granite

The white Dallas granite draws attention for its yellowish hue and the presence of spaced gray and black stains. These characteristics make the look of this stone very striking, so be careful when using it in your decoration. It is widely used in countertops, but if your goal is to use granite as a floor or covering, it is better to opt for more discreet varieties, such as Polar.

Image 3: The white Dallas granite countertop draws attention for its coloring.

Small kitchen with black cabinet and white dallas granite.

Polar White Granite

Polar white granite is one of the most popular types on the market. It has a white background with spaced black spots and stands out for being quite resistant, with low porosity and high hardness. Therefore, it is widely used to cover walls, in your kitchen or decorated box, for example, but it can also be used as floors and in the manufacture of countertops.

Image 4: You can use polar white granite in your kitchen’s neutral decor.

Gray modern kitchen with white polar granite countertops.

Ciara White Granite

Ciara white granite is widely used as flooring and stair coverings, but it can also be used as a countertop. It is characterized by having a white background and gray and black dots, with little spacing between them, spread on the stone, leaving its appearance more heterogeneous. As it is very resistant, it can be used to cover stairs, walls, floors or in the manufacture of countertops.

Image 5: Ciara white granite can also be used in your kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen with white ceará granite countertop.

White Granite Vienna

The white Vienna granite has a very beautiful and elegant color pattern. It is characterized by the presence of a white background and long gray spots. It can be used on countertops, floors and even in the making of dishes, such as the vat in the image below.

Image 6: This white Vienna granite tub stands out in this small bathroom.

Vat made of white vienna granite.

White granite Fortaleza

The Fortaleza variety stands out for being a very resistant stone and for being one of the cheapest options for granite today. This type of stone is marked by the presence of many white and black marks, which promotes a striking look. For all these characteristics, white Fortaleza granite is very suitable for wet areas, such as kitchens and laundry areas.

Image 7: This variety can also be a great choice for your decor.

Simple kitchen with white fortress granite.

White granite Nepal

The white Nepal granite stands out for presenting a white color and several black veins, in all directions, leaving this stone with a unique, elegant and sophisticated aspect. Therefore, this stone is widely used in the manufacture of sinks and countertops for bathrooms and modern kitchens.

Image 8: The white Nepal granite countertop is a standout in this small kitchen.

Small kitchen with white nepal granite countertops.

Aqua lux White Granite

This type of granite has a more beige hue and stands out for having several black and slightly yellowish background stains, creating a relatively uniform effect. Therefore, this material is indicated to compose a classic or contemporary decoration.

Image 9: You can also use this variety as a coating.

Kitchen in L with aqualux white granite.

Ivory White Granite

The ivory white granite has a slight yellowish tone, almost beige, and few black spots. It is ideal for use on countertops to reflect ambient lighting. This type of granite can also be used as a floor, being widely used in offices and homes. In addition, it stands out for being one of the cheapest options available on the market, which makes it a widely used variety in decoration.

Image 10: The ivory white countertop makes a beautiful effect on your decor.

U-shaped kitchen with white ivory granite countertop.

How to take care of this stone?

Despite its light color, white granite does not favor the appearance of stains. This is because this variety is less porous than other stones such as marble. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to stains and corrosion. After all, granite still has a certain degree of porosity and can absorb certain substances, the most harmful being soft drinks, vinegar, various fats, juices and coffee.

Therefore, to guarantee the durability of this stone, it is essential to apply a waterproofing product, which will protect your stone against the absorption of liquids and prevent the appearance of stains. In addition, you can use mild soap and water, such as a detergent, to carry out the daily cleaning of your white granite. It is worth remembering that it is better not to use more aggressive chemical products to carry out this cleaning, as you can damage the stone.

+70 photos of environments decorated with this stone

To help you visualize how to use white granite in the composition of your home, we have separated a selection of inspiring images and with various decoration ideas using the different types of this stone. Check out the photos below!

Image 11: This clear stone complements your clean kitchen decor.

Kitchen planned with white brick tile.

Image 12: And you can still use it as a coating.

Small kitchen with wooden cabinets.

Image 13: This stone can also be used in modern kitchens.

Modern small American kitchen.

Image 14: In addition, you can use white granite as a cladding for your stairs.

White granite stairs.

Image 15: This stone is an excellent option to be used in environments with simple decoration.

Simple kitchen with white granite.

Image 16: But you can also use it to make a carved sink.

Modern laundry area with white granite tank.

Image 17: You can also use it on your island.

Island with white granite countertops.

Image 18: Countertop coloring creates a beautiful contrast to colored cabinets.

Modern kitchen with green cabinet.

Image 19: However, you can also use it in simple and clean kitchen.

Simple kitchen with white granite countertops.

Image 20: Another example of a simple kitchen with this type of granite.

Small simple kitchen.

Image 21: However, you can still use a carved stone bowl in your kitchen.

Sink carved with white granite.

Image 22: Also, you can decorate your rustic kitchen.

Rustic kitchen with cabinet.

Image 23: The modern kitchen with straight-line cabinetry can also look great with a light countertop.

Modern kitchen with straight-line cabinets.

Image 24: But you can also use this stone as a coating for your luxury box.

Modern box decorated with white granite.

Image 25: This simple U-shaped kitchen was made more delicate with this countertop.

U-shaped kitchen with cooktop.

Image 26: However, you can also use white granite cladding and countertops in your modern bathroom.

Washroom decorated with red cabinet.

Image 27: And you can use this stone in your service area.

Planned service area.

Image 28: This countertop makes the environment more elegant and delicate.

American kitchen with white granite countertops.

Image 29: But you can also use this type of granite to soften the information-laden environment.

Pink modern small kitchen.

Image 30: Another example of a service area planned with this beautiful stone.

Planned service area with wooden cabinets.

Image 31: Elegant bathrooms also use white granite in their decor.

Bathroom decorated with white granite countertops.

Image 32: The contrast between this stone and the black cabinets also creates a beautiful effect.

Modern kitchen with black cabinets and white brick tiles.

Image 33: Like the previous example, this decoration also used the contrast between the elements to make the environment more interesting and attractive.

Modern kitchen with hexagonal tile.

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Image 34: You can still use this stone in your simple American kitchen.

American kitchen with white granite countertops.

Image 35: Also, you can use it on your small bathroom counter.

Small bathroom with white granite sink.

Image 36: In this small service area, white granite was also used to build the countertop.

Simple planned service area.

Image 37: In this small kitchen, the focus is not on the countertop. So it was better to use a clear stone.

Small kitchen with neutral cabinet.

Image 38: This light stone countertop matches the neutral decor of the integrated room.

White granite counter.

Image 39: But you can also use this stone in your small and simple bathroom.

Small bathroom decorated with white granite countertops.

Image 40: This type of granite is widely used in discreet kitchens.

Simple kitchen with cooktop and white granite countertops.

Image 41: But you can also use it on your gourmet balcony countertop.

Gourmet balcony with simple decor.

Image 42: In this example, the countertop complements the clean and delicate look of the kitchen.

Kitchen with clean decor and white granite countertops.

Image 43: On the other hand, in this kitchen it is the contrast between light and dark elements that draws attention.

Kitchen with classic cabinets and cooktop.

Image 44: However, despite being a white granite, it can also be used in the modern black kitchen.

Planned kitchen with black cabinets and hanging pendants.

Image 45: However, this type of stone is more used in simple environments.

U-shaped kitchen with white granite countertops.

Image 46: In addition, this stone can also be used in your small bathroom.

Simple small bathroom with white granite countertop.

Image 47: Another example of a simple kitchen with a white granite countertop.

Simple kitchen with potted plants.

Image 48: This small kitchen decorated with gray cabinets also used this stone in its countertop.

Small kitchen with simple decor.

Image 49: And you can still use it in your bathroom with modern cabinet.

Bathroom with modern cabinet.

Image 50: In addition, this type of granite can also be used in the kitchen with a sober and sophisticated decoration.

Modern kitchen with black cabinets and hydraulic tiles.

Image 51: Another example of a simple kitchen with a white granite countertop.

Simple small kitchen with white granite countertops.

Image 52: This simple kitchen can also be inspiring!

Small kitchen with white granite countertops.

Image 53: This stone contributes to a neutral and discreet composition in your kitchen.

Simple small kitchen with neutral cabinets.

Image 54: But you can also use this stone to create a gourmet balcony with clean and comfortable decor.

Gourmet balcony with white granite countertops.

Image 55: In addition, you can use it to decorate your large kitchen.

Simple kitchen decorated with tablets.

Image 56: Already this kitchen looks like it gained more space with so many bright elements in its decor.

Large kitchen with clean decor.

Image 57: Another example of a planned service area with a white granite countertop.

Planned service area with neutral cabinets.

Image 58: Remembering that you can also use this stone as a coating.

American kitchen with white granite countertops.

Image 59: In addition, you can use white granite to compose a Scandinavian decor.

Kitchen with clean decor and wooden shelf.

Image 60: This stone is also widely used to compose more delicate and charming environments.

Clean and delicate kitchen.

Image 61: Your kitchen will look more elegant with this countertop.

Kitchen with white dallas granite countertops.

Image 62: But you can also use a colored tile to contrast with the bright elements of the environment.

Kitchen with decorated tile.

Image 63: And don’t forget to use this sturdy stone in the barbecue area.

Gourmet area with glass barbecue.

Image 64: The white granite countertop is ideal for environments that have cabinets with a classic design.

Clean kitchen with cabinets with gold handles.