White Marble: Types +80 Beautiful Projects with this Stone

In antiquity, the use of white marble conferred status of power and wealth on the owners of the house. In addition, this stone has been widely used to carve sculptures, such as Michelangelo’s David, and to cover public places, such as the Pantheon in Athens. Following this historical trend, this stone continues to be synonymous with refinement, sophistication and beauty, which still attracts many people who want to build or renovate their home.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared this article filled with important information for those who want to use this stone in their decoration, including advantages and disadvantages, types of marble and several amazing ideas to help you use white marble in your home.

Advantages and disadvantages

Faced with so many types of marble, you might ask yourself – why should I invest in white marble? And the answer is simple – because there are several advantages related to its use. Firstly, this stone stands out for its appearance, which is a striking feature. With a more uniform and homogeneous look and finish than granite, this type of marble has a high aesthetic value, being closely related to luxurious and refined environments, as its beauty stands out in the environment.

In addition, white marble is a versatile stone, it can be used in environments with different styles of decoration, in addition to being used in various pieces, such as countertops, sinks, coverings, stairs and decorative objects. Another positive point is related to its durability. After all, this is the ideal investment for those looking for a strong, resistant and highly durable material, as this stone can remain beautiful for many years.

As not everything is flowers, white marble also has disadvantages, the first of which is related to its porosity. Due to its high porosity, this stone is much more susceptible to stains. Therefore, to prevent your stone from being damaged, you can waterproof the piece made of this material. This will not make the porosity disappear, but it will reduce liquid absorption.

Another disadvantage related to this stone is its high cost, especially when compared to white granite. The good news is that there are several types of white marble available on the market and you can choose the cheapest variety. One of the types of marble with the lowest price is Paraná, with a square meter sold at around R$300. On the other hand, the Calcutta variety sells for around R$2800 per square meter. Therefore, it is worth researching prices in your region.

Know the main types

As mentioned before, there are several types of white marble, which vary according to their brightness, veins, appearance, among other characteristics that make each one unique. Therefore, in the next topics you will learn about the main types. This way, it will be easier to choose the ideal white marble for your decoration.

Pique White Marble

Pique white marble stands out for presenting gray veins on the white background on its surface. Therefore, it is an excellent option for those who want a clean decor in light tones. This variety can be found in the Greek and Italian versions, and the stone of Greek origin has more spaced and less striking veins.

Image 1: The carved white marble sink contributes to the clean and elegant look of this small bathroom.

White bathroom with double tub.

White Carrera Marble

Carrera white marble is one of the best known varieties. This stone draws attention for the striking presence of dark gray veins, leaving it with a very sophisticated and elegant look. Due to its high porosity, it is suitable for indoor environments and can be used in the manufacture of countertops, tables, coverings and floors, for example.

Image 2: Clean bathroom decorated with Carrera white marble cladding and countertop.

Luxury white bathroom.

Calcutta White Marble

Calcutta white marble is one of the most expensive varieties available on the market. Of Italian origin, this stone is highly valued in projects due to its appearance, which stands out for the presence of striking veins in gray and gold. It is very suitable for interior decoration, such as white bathrooms and kitchens. In outdoor areas it can be damaged, due to exposure to the sun, rain and pollution.

Image 3: Make your bathroom more sophisticated by using the white Calcutta marble flooring.

Elegant lavatory with suspended vases and white calacatta marble flooring.

White Moorish Marble

White Moorish marble is a national stone that has one of the lowest prices on the market. The square meter can be found for around R$ 450, much cheaper than other varieties. This type of marble is suitable for those looking for a stone with a more homogeneous appearance, with a predominant white background, as it has gray veins in a lighter tone.

Image 4: The white Moorish marble finishes left this bathroom looking elegant and sophisticated.

White bathroom with Moorish marble.

Paraná White Marble

The white marble from Paraná is also of Brazilian origin and can be a great option for those who want to save money, as the square meter of this stone can be found for around R$ 300. This marble has a white background with beige and brown veins, which leave its appearance quite different compared to other varieties.

Image 5: The Paraná white marble countertop and flooring stand out in this bathroom.

White small bathroom with mickey decor.

Special White Marble

The special white marble is another variety with national origin and that stands out for presenting a white background with discreet dots in light gray. The mixture between the two colors is heterogeneous, but white still predominates. In addition, this type of marble draws attention for its low porosity and high strength.

Image 6: The sink carved in special white marble made this bathroom more elegant and charming.

Sink carved in special white marble.

Esparto Santo White Marble

The white marble Esparto Santo is another model of national origin, which stands out for its low price and for its appearance, marked by discreet veins in gray and a white background.

Image 7: You can also use Esparto Santo marble to make your bathroom’s carved sink.

Small bathroom with washbasin carved in white marble Espírito santo.

Thasos White Marble

Thasos white marble is of Greek origin and has a uniform appearance, as it is characterized by having few veins and little mixture of colors, leaving white in the foreground. These characteristics form a stone with a noble, sophisticated and elegant appearance, which ends up attracting consumers. But this all comes at a price. The Thasos model is considered one of the most expensive marbles on the market and can be found for around R$ 1400 per square meter.

Image 8: This stone was used to manufacture the custom-made countertop for this project.

Modern bathroom with burnt cement wall.

Prime White Marble

Unlike other types of marble, prime white marble is not a natural stone. In fact, its manufacture is industrialized, composed of a mixture of marble powder and resin. Despite this, this variety has good strength and durability. Therefore, this is a great option for those looking for the refinement and sophistication of marble, but do not want to spend too much.

Image 9: The prime white marble countertop will make your small bathroom more sophisticated.

Toilet with prime white marble countertop.

How to clean?

Even though it is a resistant and durable stone, still maintain some care to prevent the appearance of stains and keep your marble beautiful and well maintained. Therefore, it is important to use specific cleaning products to clean this stone (yes, it exists!). However, if you do not have this product at home, clean your marble with the help of a damp cloth and mild soap.

Another important tip is, whenever any liquid falls on the marble, especially if they are liquids such as coffee, vinegar and soda, immediately clean the surface to avoid staining. Also, if you notice that the marble has rust, use a damp lemon cloth with salt to solve this problem.

+71 amazing projects with this stone to inspire you

It is possible to use white marble in the composition of various decorated environments. Therefore, to show you the various possibilities for using this stone, we have prepared a selection of inspiring images that can help you visualize how to use white marble in your home. Check out the photos below!

Image 10: Use piggy marble as a covering for your stairs.

Stairs lined with white marble piguese.

Image 11: But you can also use this stone in the manufacture of your elegant bathroom countertop.

Elegant bathroom with pigue marble countertop.

Image 12: You can still choose the Thasos model to use in the manufacture of your carved sink.

Bathroom with carved thassos marble sink.

Image 13: The Paraná marble flooring will make your office more elegant and refined.

Office with marble finish from Paraná.

Image 14: In addition, you can also use the Paraná variety lining in your luxurious bathroom.

Small, luxurious lavatory with white Paraná marble flooring with carved sink.

Image 15: And you can even use a table with a Carrera marble top in your dining room.

Luxurious clean dining room.

Image 16: The coating with the Calcutta model will make your gourmet balcony more sophisticated.

Luxurious gourmet balcony with bench.

Image 17: In this example, a floor with the Moorish model was used.

Luxury dining room with chandelier.

Image 18: And you can still use the Moorish variety as the floor of your modern living room.

Modern waiting room.

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Image 19: White marble can also be used on your bathroom’s large countertop.

Large planned bathroom with straw baskets.

Image 20: You can use this stone together with white elements with different textures, which will make the environment look even more beautiful.

White double bathroom with piguese marble countertop.

Image 21: In this project, the elegant countertop was made of white pique marble.

Elegant bench with white marble.

Image 22: This modern and open kitchen was covered with Paraná marble.

Luxurious kitchen with pink cabinets and Paraná marble flooring.

Image 23: But you can also use this stone on the countertop of your luxurious bathroom, contrasting with the wooden elements.

Luxurious bathtub with wood paneling.

Image 24: In addition, you can choose the Carrera variety to cover the space and manufacture the countertop.

Luxury bathroom with chandelier and Carrara marble.

Image 25: On the other hand, in this bathroom the countertop is made of Calcutta marble.

Small bathroom with white calacatta marble countertop.

Image 26: You can cover your elegant staircase with white marble from Paraná.

Stairs covered with white marble from Paraná.

Image 27: This women’s bathroom is decorated with white marble flooring.

Clean female bathroom with pink cabinets.

Image 28: In this kitchen, this stone is used both in the island and in the coating.

Kitchen with island with wooden cabinets.

Image 29: The contrast between white marble and black cabinetry creates a beautiful effect in this modern kitchen.

Open kitchen with black cabinets.

Image 30: In this case, the contrast between the white marble countertop and the wooden cabinets makes the look cozier.

Double bathroom with carved white marble sink.

Image 31: But you can also use this stone as a lining for your small bathroom.

Bathroom with pigue marble finish.

Image 32: In addition, you can use the Paraná variety on the walls of the room, making the look more sophisticated.

Room with white marble cladding from Paraná.

Image 33: And you can still use marble decorative objects, like this tray in the bathroom.

Carrara marble tray.

Image 34: Already in this modern kitchen, the white Calcutta marble cladding was even used on the ceiling.

Open modern kitchen with white calacatta marble flooring.

Image 35: This type of stone was also used in this elegant project.

Kitchen with island planned with white calacatta marble.

Image 36: On the other hand, in this project, marble was used as a covering and countertop.

Open kitchen with white wooden table.

Image 37: However, you can still use the Carrera variety in the decoration of luxurious kitchens like the one below.

Luxurious kitchen with gray cabinets and suspended pendant.

Image 38: This type of stone was also used in the decoration of this luxurious bathroom.

Luxury bathroom with white Carrara marble finish.

Image 39: You can even use a marble-topped side table to make your room more elegant.

Side table with white Carrara marble top.

Image 40: In addition, you can use a pique marble countertop to decorate your luxurious bathroom.

Luxurious washroom with white piggy marble countertops and wallpaper.

Image 41: This type of variety was also used as the flooring for this luxurious bathroom.

Luxurious bathroom with pigue marble countertop and finish.

Image 42: In this project, the finish and the white marble tub from Paraná draw attention.

Luxurious bathroom with washbasin and finish in Paraná marble.

Image 43: But you can also use the Carrera variety to compose the decoration of your modern and feminine bathroom.

Luxurious feminine bathroom with copper tub and white Carrara marble flooring.

Image 44: This room with black and white decor has been given a special touch with this white Calcutta marble flooring.

Black and white modern room with white calacatta marble panel.

Image 45: See how this marble cladding makes this bathroom look more luxurious.

Modern bathroom with marble flooring.

Image 46: Like the previous example, this bathroom was also lined with this stone.

Luxury bathroom with white marble flooring.

Image 47: Another example of a women’s bathroom, but this time with a marble countertop.

Female bathroom with double countertop and pink cabinet.

Image 48: You can still use this stone as a covering for the room or other collective environment.

Restaurant with white Carrara marble flooring.

Image 49: This marble sculpted tub is synonymous with elegance and beauty.

Sink carved in white marble.

Image 50: And you can even use a table with a white marble top to decorate your dining room.

Dining room with piggy white marble table.

Image 51: In addition, it is possible to use Paraná marble coating in the construction of your box.

Bathroom with double box and marble coating from Paraná.

Image 52: But if you like a luxurious room, you can use the Paraná variety as part of your television panel.

Luxurious room with Paraná marble panel.

Image 53: Carrera white Marble Island makes your kitchen look more elegant.

Kitchen with white carrara marble island.

Image 54: And you can even use marble flooring in the master bedroom.

Modern double bedroom with white calacatta marble flooring.

Image 55: Another kitchen with an island decorated with marble cladding.

Kitchen with stylish island.

Image 56: The dining table with a white marble top makes this decoration lighter.

Meeting room with a table topped with white catalacatta marble.

Image 57: However, you can opt for an all-white kitchen decor using Calcutta marble in the countertop and cladding.

Kitchen with white catalacatta marble countertop and finish.

Image 58: Another example of a luxury kitchen island decorated with white marble flooring and flooring.

Luxurious American kitchen with marble flooring and finish.

Image 59: In this room, the Calcutta marble panel draws attention.

Room decorated with white catalacatta marble panel.

Image 60: However, you can also invest in a marble-topped coffee table.

Elegant room with white thassos marble table.

Image 61: In addition, you can use the Paraná variety to decorate your kitchen island.

Modern and sophisticated American cuisine.

Image 62: This luxurious and modern kitchen was also decorated with Paraná marble.

Modern open kitchen with Paraná marble flooring.

Image 63: Already this bathroom draws attention for the finish with marble of the Carrera type.

Luxury bathroom with carrara white marble flooring.

Image 64: In addition, this stone was also used as a cladding for this sophisticated staircase.

Staircase with Carrara marble finish.

Image 65: The Calcutta marble clad wall also draws attention in this spacious and modern setting.

Modern great room with wooden floor.

Image 66: You can still use this stone to create a bathroom with a warm and elegant decor.

Luxury bathroom with marble flooring.

Image 67: But it can also be used in your modern and futuristic bathroom decor.

Luxury and modern bathroom.

Image 68: White marble cladding and countertop contrast with the dark and classic coloration of the rest of the room.

Luxury kitchen with green cabinet and artwork.

Image 69: This stone can also be used to decorate your black and white toilet.

Black and white toilet.

Image 70: In this example, a floor made with the thassos variety was used.

Small bathroom with thassos marble floor.

Image 71: Another elegant staircase covered with white marble.

Staircase covered with marble from Paraná.

Image 72: However, this panel was made with Paraná marble, it leaves a beautiful and luxurious effect on the decoration.

Luxurious room with marble and wood panel.

Image 73: In this room, the stone was used on the floor.

Modern room with Carrara marble floor.

Image 74: However, in this open and clean kitchen, marble was used as a covering.

Luxurious open kitchen with Carrara marble flooring.

Image 75: Like the previous example, this stone was also used as a covering in this kitchen.

Luxury small American kitchen with wooden countertop.

Image 76: Also, you can use this type of marble in the wall decoration of your modern room.

Luxurious living room with fireplace.

Image 77: However, you can still use two different types of marble in the same environment. In this example, white marble was used for the coating and black marble for the countertop.

Modern bathroom with white marble flooring and black marble countertops.

Image 78: In addition, this type of stone also combines with more rustic environments and wooden decor.

Kitchen with carved marble sink.

Image 79: This luxurious bathroom stands out for its white Carrara marble flooring and flooring.

Luxury bathroom with carrara white marble bathroom and flooring.

Image 80: But you can also use the prime variety only on the carved sink.

Small white bathroom with carved sink.

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