Why and how to create a commercial Instagram

Knowing how to create a commercial Instagram will make you enjoy the platform to the full, as there are exclusive options.

People spend a good part of their day looking at Instagram. This habit made the platform stop being just a social network and become a shop window. Thus, stores started to publish photos of their products and consumers acquired the habit of researching products and services in these business profiles.

With that, the chances of success of your business will increase considerably.

Want to understand the reasons and how to create a business profile? Follow the reading.

Reasons to create a business profile on Instagram

Instagram’s virtual showcase requires some strategies for you to succeed. The first of them, which must be adopted from the beginning, is the commercial profile. The modality offers exclusive features, which bring benefits that can leverage the company’s results. Let’s explain some of them.

Access to metrics

Making strategic decisions needs a database. A common Instagram account can only access the number of followers, likes and comments on the photos. The account for companies provides several metrics, for example:

  • Impressions — Represents the number of times people viewed your post in the last seven days;
  • Profile Views — The number appears at the top of your profile and shows how many times people visited your account in the last 7 days;
  • Website clicks — Shows the number of clicks that the link in your bio received in the last 7 days;
  • A number of saves and shares — Counts the amount of each post.

Better profile organization

The business account has the option to add buttons on the profile for users to contact, send e-mail and messages, call or visit the website. This allows the space in the bio to be used for other information and for the follower to be able to get in touch with greater ease.

Another option that Instagram releases is the “store”. It is possible to create an online store, with prices and redirection to the shopping page. Thus, the customer experience is shorter and more pleasurable.

Certainly, a business profile on Instagram with lots of information and well organized catches the public’s attention and conveys authority. Therefore, the number of followers and sales tend to increase.

Promote posts

Using paid traffic can attract your avatar in less time than organic traffic. Thus, the entrepreneur can scale the business faster, despite having a certain cost involved.

This function is only available for commercial accounts and Instagram releases data from each sponsored post, which allows you to optimize targeting for future pushes. It is important to test different models to understand how you can improve.

How to create a commercial Instagram

Create an account

If you’ve already created an account and just want to make it a business, skip these steps and go to the next topic.

  1. Open the Instagram app and choose the option “Create new account”. In the next window, enter a username and click “Next.” Try to choose a name without numbers or too many symbols as it is the name that will represent your business;
  2. Then enter your phone number and tap “Next” again;
  3. Some windows will appear that you can skip. Afterwards, choose “Add a photo”, click “Next” and “Save”.
  4. Your account is created, but it is not a business profile yet.

Transform into commercial account

  1. Open your new profile. In the upper right corner, click on the three-dash icon and on “Settings”;
  2. In the next window, choose “Account”;
  3.  Then, in blue, you will see “Switch to Professional Account”. Click on this option;
  4. Choose between “content creator” and “company” and click on “Next”;
  5. Select the category that describes what you do and tap “Next”;
  6. A window will appear. Click “Ok”.
  7. Ready! Your account is created.

Extra tips

Choose a profile photo that represents your business. It can be either the logo or a photo of you with the branding colours. It depends on the position you want to have on the social network.

Once you create the account, write a good biography so that people understand what your services/products are. Also, link the profile to Facebook, if you have one. This makes the publishing process easier as the same post can go to both channels at once.

Knowing how to create a commercial on Instagram is a frequent question, but there is no secret. Follow our step-by-step steps and start producing quality content to gain qualified followers and connect with them.