Why and how to make a good video intro

Introducing video is like the second level of attractiveness of audiovisual content. The first is the title: the audience takes a look, reads it and decides whether to watch it or not. If so, the intro is the second choice point, which will determine whether it’s worth watching until the end or not.

On the positive side, we all, as a general audience, have some common preferences for the opening snippets of videos.

You’ll see, in this article, some techniques that make any user hook up and check out your video content until the end. Read more!

Why invest in the video intro

According to research, the first 10 seconds of a video, on average, are crucial to retaining users’ attention. Discover other reasons that show how it’s worth making an introduction to your videos:

  • It signals more professionalism and dedication when recording your content.
  • It reinforces your brand, creates familiarity and increases your authority on the platform.
  • It’s a way of summarizing what you’ll be talking about in your video, as well as creating expectations about what’s ahead.

How to make good introductions

The general rule is: avoid wasting the first few seconds of the video with ready-made vignettes that cover the entire screen and use generic songs or, worse, that are from big artists, making YouTube, for example, detect and delete the video without you consent.

Ideally, these first 10 seconds are your screen, where you introduce the subject of the video while, at the bottom, an animation with your name and usernames from the main social networks appears.

Also, the most important tip to make a good video intro is to know your favourite intros, as a YouTube channel subscriber and video content consumer. Study the elements that your favorite content producers use and adapt them to your niche .

Tools for introducing video

You don’t have to worry about the means to intro your video. There are several free and quality options on the market, which are a dream for anyone working with Digital Marketing. Check out some:


Canvas is a well-known website and app among content creators. Just go to “Create design” > “Video” and you will reach the audiovisual creation screen. In the menu on the right, by swiping down, you will quickly find the templates and not all of them cover the entire screen, you can insert your video directly into the template.

Adobe Spark

Similarly, Adobe Spark allows you to use layouts to add another face to your video intro.


It’s great free software, with 4K technology, Chroma Key and widely used for video intros.

5 video intro ideas that are successful

To inspire you, we’ve brought your ideas for intros that work. Follow up!

Bet on good mood

Common in interviews, lectures and meetings, the famous icebreaker introductions also work for videos from any platform. Think of jokes, unusual analogies or any anecdotes to illustrate the topic that will be covered in the content.

Make questions

Like titles and written content introductions, questions have the character of opening a debate very well. They make the audience reflect on the subject at hand, which usually goes unnoticed for them on a daily basis.

Tell a story

Share a story, fact or learning in the initial 30 to 50 seconds of your video. Narratives, in general, hold people back. You can still use one more trick: leave the ending or the moral of the story open, to be discussed throughout the video.

Cite the video topics

For the more objective and direct content creators, a good way to introduce the video is to show up already citing each point you will discuss in the video. The fact is that everyone who is looking for a video to watch seeks to learn, without stalling.

Show action scenes

Merging behind-the-scenes footage or other action is a more elaborate way to introduce your video.

For example, let’s say your video will be about online image consulting. Instead of starting by explaining the proposed theme, record a video, in advance, showing an excerpt from a consultation with a client, exemplifying the personal colours and everything else.

Before, ask permission and arrange with the other person who may appear in the video. The advantage of this model is that demonstrating, in practice, what you are going to say helps a lot in authority and social proof.

See the video for other tips to help you gain authority on the internet:

Doing video intro is nothing out of this world. Use this feature to your advantage, being professional and contributing your authority in digital.