Winter Garden: 56 Ways to have a Green Area at Home

Those who live in large urban cities like São Paulo know how important it is to have a winter garden indoors. That’s because having a green corner as a refuge in the midst of chaos is essential to maintain the well-being and mental health of residents even in urban and chaotic environments.

Originally the winter garden serves for recreation on cold days. However, in practice it is used for growing plants, flowers and other gardening items. Furthermore, in addition to offering the function of bringing a green area inside the house, the winter garden is often used to contribute to ventilation and lighting in homes. Thus increasing the thermal and visual comfort for the construction.

There are those who take advantage of the green area to make a suspended vegetable garden, or even a small decorative garden perfect for entertaining. In the end, it doesn’t matter if the intention is to bring an aesthetic appeal to nature or if the idea is to improve the construction with a new air intake. That’s because the winter garden gives charm to any project.

So, check out houses of all sizes and styles in unmissable projects to inspire you to bet on one for your home.

Winter Garden

Image 1 – Garden next to the entrance hall of the residence allowed natural light to come in abundance in the internal environment.

Winter garden at the entrance to the house.

It doesn’t matter if the space is very small and has little room for plants. As we said before, it is possible to invest in a green area inside the house.

For this, it is necessary to seek inspirations ranging from vertical gardens as a way to take advantage of the walls, taking advantage of the vertical area. However, it is also recommended to plant the species directly in pots, which adapt better to small and simpler environments. Check out some small winter garden examples that are great in beauty and composition.

Image 2 – Small green space with potted plants and vertical garden.

Small garden with potted plants

Image 3 – Fan palm trees were the right choice for this corner that featured white pebbles and dark stones.

External opening with fan palm.

Image 4 – Garden with potted orchids, as well as a delicious bench for the residents to rest.

Winter garden with area for plants and space for rest.

Image 5 – The glass doors separate the green space right next to the dining room, the plants were arranged in ceramic vases.

Garden with potted species.

Image 6 – Here, in this project, the bet was to use different species of plants to color the small winter garden. Furthermore, the choice was to plant the species directly on the ground, which needed special treatment to receive them.

Small garden with potted plants.

Image 7 – This winter garden was a very intelligent constructive resource to direct the windows and openings made with glass brick, thus allowing ventilation and lighting in the different environments on the ground floor.

Winter garden was the solution for the windows of other environments.

Image 8 – Good idea for a construction site within the internal area of ​​the residence. The opening in the ceiling illuminated the environment and also ensured the health of the plants.

Garden with species planted in the ground.

Image 9 – Small glazed garden in the center of the room gained a conceptual composition for the internal area.

Glass box serves as an indoor garden.

Winter garden under the stairs

Do you have more wasted space in two-story houses than the area under the stairs? How about taking advantage of it to insert green at home? To do this, you can create a bed and plant the species in the ground, as well as arrange pots with plants.

To create a bed, it is necessary to go into work, in addition to building the space, you must prepare the floor underneath, ensuring durability and avoiding the risk of rotting with watering. As vases, they require little preparation and maintenance is simple. Plus, check out some inspiring designs that take advantage of the space under the stairs.

Image 10 – In this project under the wooden stairs, the choice was to place white pebbles on the floor and the plants in the pot. Although in a flowerbed, the green space had potted plants.

Garden with potted species.

Image 11 – Super modern project that takes advantage of the space under the stairs to create a garden. The idea here was to plant the species directly on the ground, thus, it received a direct treatment for this.

Winter garden under the straight stairs.

Image 12 – Space under the stairs was used to plant two miniature trees.

Space under the stairs used as a garden.

Image 13 – Sophisticated project brought fashionable species such as the Adam’s rib planted directly in the ground under the stairs.

Space under the L-staircase served as a garden.

Image 14 – The cutout on the floor was filled with brown pebbles. In addition, ceramic vases received plants such as the fan palm.

Space under the stairs used as a garden.

Image 15 – The bed under the stairs was built using glass bricks. See that the plants have increased in size according to the height of the stairs.

Winter garden under straight stairs has glass brick partition.

Image 16 – Vases with Spears of São Jorge and an orchid compose the space under the stairs.

Vessels placed under the stairs form a green area inside the house.

Image 17 – Right in the entrance hall, the winter garden was positioned next to the stairs, creating a super intimate look for the environment.

Space under the stairs was used as a green area.

Image 18 – Even small, the space under the stairs has reserved space for a small garden with species planted on the ground and in pots.

Area under the stairs used as a winter garden.

Types of winter garden environments

Those who believe that only under the stairs is it possible to create a winter garden is wrong. Certainly, the delightful green space is welcome in other areas of the house. As is the case with the bathroom, the living room and even the bedrooms.

The walls are usually made of glass, glass bricks or sandblasted glass, which not only allows natural light to enter the environment, but also allows direct contact with the green, which brings residents a perfect urban refuge.

Winter garden bathroom

Connected to intimacy and well-being, it is in the bathroom that we recharge our energies. Therefore, having a green space is a super interesting way to create a perfect resting environment.

It is worth remembering that, as it is a very humid environment, it asks for plant species that like places with this characteristic. We’ve put together some beautiful modern bathroom designs with a conservatory to call your own!

Image 19 – Winter garden with direct opening to the box area. I wish I could take a shower with a view like that, wouldn’t you say?

Winter garden in the bathroom.

Image 20 – Bathroom brings a beautiful winter garden to the background of the environment.

Opening through a glass door, the bathroom brings a beautiful garden in the background.

Image 21 – A glass door separates the box from the intimate garden. To visually unite the two spaces, the project features a deck on the floor both indoors and outdoors.

Winter garden with wooden deck.

Image 22 – To break the dark look of the bathroom, the choice was to use a garden with bamboo planted on the floor.

Bathroom with internal garden and terrace.

Image 23 – In this bathroom with natural elements on the walls and floor, nature also came into the picture with a garden.

Bathroom with internal garden.

Image 24 – The winter garden space was the perfect place to install the bathtub.

Bathtub was positioned in the inner garden.

Image 25 – Once again, the winter garden is next to the bathtub. Who doesn’t want a view like this while taking a delicious bath.

Bathroom overlooking the winter garden..

Image 26 – Perfect project for those who are passionate about nature and want contact with the green even during relaxing baths.

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Winter garden next to the bathtub contributes to relaxing baths.

Image 27 – To ensure harmony, the external and internal environment bring a wooden deck, bringing visual comfort to the space.

Bathroom with garden.

Image 28 – Super modern project in which the bathroom opens onto the garden, taking advantage of the space’s natural lighting.

Bathroom opening onto the winter garden.

Image 29 – Bathroom has full integration with the winter garden, thus allowing natural lighting into the environment.

Bathroom with glass doors to the intimate garden.

Winter garden in the living room

This is the most common type of conservatory as it is the perfect place to enjoy the green space on cold days. When you have generous footage, it allows you to gather friends. However, when the footage is smaller, it is possible to take advantage of the space to add a little green to the project.

Another advantage of having a green area in the room is the entrance of natural lighting and ventilation. Keep an eye out for projects that bring this kind of indoor landscaping.

Image 30 – The glass doors divide the living room and the winter garden.

Room opening onto the internal garden.

Image 31 – The garden was separated from the rest of the room using glass, which allows natural light to enter at all times.

Room with a winter garden in a kind of glass box.

Image 32 – In this project, the view to the garden gives both the living room and the dining room. Thus, the space is used by the entire social area.

Integrated room with intimate garden.

Image 33 – Winter garden composed of plants on the ground, vertical garden and a bench to enjoy the space

Winter garden directly connected to the living room.

Image 34 – This winter garden is fully integrated into the social area, without physical or visual barriers.

Large winter garden in the center of the integrated living.

Image 35 – At the back of the room, you can see the beautiful green space with calla lily plants and the rope bench.

Intimate garden at the back of the living room.

Image 36 – Impossible not to fall in love with the view from this dining room. However, the project also had plant pots inside, to ensure visual harmony.

Large winter garden in the dining room.

Image 37 – A large and charming conservatory is the perfect view for this living room. Furthermore, it has a bank to enjoy the area.

Room with winter garden.

Image 38 – Room overlooking the winter garden, with low plants and a beautiful tree in the center.

Winter garden next to the room.

Image 39 – The advantage of this project is the opening in the ceiling, which allows natural light to enter.

Winter garden in the entrance hall.

Room with winter garden

For those who enjoy a very private urban retreat, there is nothing more intimate than a winter garden in the bedroom. Mainly for those who like to enjoy the green space together in a very romantic atmosphere. Above all, the green area in the bedroom can be perfect for reconnecting with nature and restoring energy.

Image 40 – The choice for the headboard wall was to use a garden, thus separated by a glass partition.

Room with an external opening at the bottom of the headboard wall.

Image 41 – Look how nice the winter garden that is in front of the double bed. Above all, the highlight was the species planted in pots.

Room with external opening in front of the bed.

Image 42 – The glass opening overlooks this beautiful tropical garden. Primarily, the species were planted directly on the ground.

Room with a wide outside opening full of trees.

Image 43 – Winter garden opening to the double bedroom. Here, the idea was to take advantage of the residence’s side corridor.

Room with external opening on the side.

Image 44 – In this closet, a garden was placed right in the center of the room with pots in different sizes.

Closet with potted plants.

Image 45 – The winter garden on the ground floor was also used on the second floor, with plants attached to the wall.

Room with external opening.

Image 46 – The winter garden was placed on the head wall of this single room with a beach atmosphere.

Single bedroom with internal garden at the end of the headboard.

Image 47 – Trees along the entire length of the headboard wall, the right choice for those who love nature.

Bedroom with garden on the bedside wall.

Image 48 – Another example where the bedroom has a wide opening to the winter garden. With a view like that, it’s impossible not to regain energy.

Room opening onto the intimate garden.

Winter garden in the kitchen

Another environment that reserves space for the winter garden is the kitchen. Even more when it is integrated with other environments. It is possible to invest in a spice garden or a wellness space.

It is worth remembering that it is important to have a good opening to the outside area, due to the smell of food. Thus, the larger the opening, the better the ventilation of the room.

Image 49 – The glass doors separate the kitchen and the winter garden. Furthermore, the plants brought color and life to the totally white environment.

Kitchen with external opening.

Image 50 – The small winter garden overlooks the kitchen counter, so whoever is cooking has a beautiful view of nature.

Kitchen with a small external opening but full of charm.

Image 51 – This large modern kitchen with white furniture, black appliances and a wooden table brought a beautiful integrated garden. Thus, the plants humanized the environment with neutral colors as the predominant palette.

Kitchen with ample external opening in front of the dining table.

Image 52 – A winter garden composed of a green panel full of ferns divides the barbecue and the kitchen. The green space has a deck floor that helps make the space cozier.

Kitchen opening onto the garden. intimate

Image 53 – Another example of a kitchen opening onto a winter garden. The external space brought an opening in the ceiling, enhancing natural light and ventilation in the internal space, eliminating the need for a window in the environment.

Kitchen with external opening with bench and flowerbeds.

Image 54 – Beautiful vertical garden marks the design of the kitchen integrated with the dining room. Furthermore, the green panel works as a beautiful picture. In addition, the retractable cover allows you to open and close when residents want.

Kitchen with external opening with vertical garden.

Image 55 – The garden with climbing plant marks this sophisticated kitchen project, in which wood and Carrera marble are highlighted.

Kitchen with external opening.

Image 56 – Another example of a kitchen integrated into the vertical garden, the external environment features a wooden deck, flower bed and benches.

Kitchen with external opening with wooden deck and flower bed.

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