Women’s Bathroom: +80 Projects to be inspired

The women’s bathroom is no longer synonymous with a romantic and delicate environment. Of course, you can adopt this style of decor if you like, but it’s also possible to create luxurious and modern environments geared towards women. With that in mind, we prepared this article filled with tips and models for women’s bathroom traditional or beyond the conventional to inspire you to set up your renovation project.

Color palette for your women’s bathroom

The color palette is essential to create the atmosphere you want in the room. After all, this combination will help you adopt the bathroom decor style you want. One of the ways to decide which shades to use is to ask yourself what kind of feel you want the decor to convey and what colors you would like and be able to live with for a long period of time, as decor is not something that changes all the time .

And to help you choose your color palette, we have selected several projects with the colors most used in the composition of women’s bathrooms, in order to help you in this choice process. But remember that you don’t have to restrict yourself to the ideas contained in the projects below and that you can use creativity, as well as all the existing colors, to create your dream bathroom.

Bright colors

Using a light color palette is very versatile and will help you create a cleaner, modern or luxurious decor, depending on the coatings, dishes and light fixtures you use in your women’s bathroom. In addition, this color palette tends to provide a more lasting decoration, since it is not too flashy, and are also very suitable for small spaces, as they provide the feeling of spaciousness in the environment.

Image 1: Using a light color palette can provide a beautiful and elegant environment. In addition, note that in this case a light mint color cabinet and tiles with a light gray geometric design were also used.

Clean decor with clear cabinet and round mirror.

Image 2: But you can also invest in the wooden cabinet and neutral tiles to compose your decor.

Luxurious decor with wooden cabinet and modern tub.

Image 3: And if you prefer a decor with a little more color, you can use porcelain tiles that imitate wood in your bathroom.

Simple decor with marble countertop and flower pot.

Image 4: Use different types of coverings to decorate your small bathroom. In addition, it’s also worth investing in classic white and light pink cabinets.

Clean decor with white cabinet, pink shelf and geometric lining.

Image 5: You can even combine the copper metals with the coatings in gray tones, which together with the suspended toilet, promote a modern decor.

Simple decor with bathtub and gray lining.

Image 6: You can invest in glass shelves and straw baskets as decorative accessories in your ladies’ bathroom.

Simple decor with marble countertops, glass shelf and straw baskets.

Image 7: However, if you prefer a simple decoration, you can bet on light colors, such as pink, in the manufacture of cabinets in the room.

Simple decor with pink cabinet and wood finish.

Image 8: And you can even invest in three-dimensional tile to transform your women’s bathroom.

Simple decor with pink cabinet and three-dimensional tile.

Image 9: But if you prefer a luxurious environment, you can bet on the use of porcelain throughout the space, as well as copper metals.

Luxurious decor with white cabinet and marble flooring.

Image 10: You can also use gold metals, white finishes such as brick tile, and in the mint cabinet to create a tumbler decor.

Light decor with green cabinet, golden faucet.

Neutral colors

Despite being very associated with a simple decoration, neutral colors, such as white, beige, gray, fend, cream and brown, can also be used to compose a modern or luxurious decoration. It all depends on the decorative elements you are going to use.

To create a more modern look, for example, you can invest in coverings with different finishes, such as three-dimensional tile and hydraulic tile. In addition, investing in lighting fixtures, metals, vases, among other decorative objects, can also help to break with the apparently simple proposal provided by elements with these colors.

Image 11: This modern women’s bathroom draws attention due to its coppery metals, its uniquely designed suspended washbasin and the gray coating used on the walls and floor.

Modern female bathroom with toilet.

Image 12: But you can also use different types of coatings to compose your modern decor. In addition, in this example, the hydraulic tile on the floor, the round mirror and the shelf with potted plants also attract attention.

Modern decor with white brick tile and wooden panel.

Image 13: However, if you prefer a simple decoration, you can use a textured tile and a carved granite sink.

Simple decor with modern tile and marble countertops.

Image 14: In this project, modern and minimalist elements were used in its composition. In addition, the difference between the decoration used in the shower stall area and the rest of the environment also contributes to this contemporary air. Even plant pots were used in this space.

Modern decor with burnt cement wall, round mirror and wooden floor.

Image 15: But you can also invest in a composition that mixes white elements and wood finish in your ladies’ bathroom.

Modern decor with cabinet and wood panel.

Image 16: Another example of porcelain tiles that imitate wood being used in decoration. In this case, shelves and decorated tile were also used to compose the room’s decoration.

Simple decor with wood-print finish.

Image 17: However, if you prefer a luxurious decor, you can invest in the combination of white and gold elements.

Luxurious white and gold decor.

Image 18: The decorated porcelain, the illuminated mirror and the hanging pendants also transformed the decoration of this space.

Modern decor with decorated tile and wood-finished cabinet.

Image 19: And if you want to adopt a modern decor, you can be inspired by this example, which has different types of covering, suspended pendant, lighted mirror and suspended toilet.

Luxurious decor with geometric tile and suspended toilet.

Image 20: Another example of a modern decor environment. However, in this case, black metals, a wooden cabinet and hydraulic tile on the floor were used.

Modern decor with geometric tile, wooden cabinet and decorated floor.

Shades of pink or lilac

Pink and lilac tones are often associated with the feminine universe and can be used as accent colors in many decor projects. And in the ladies’ room, it’s no different. However, to use these tones in this space, it is necessary to use and combine the right elements, such as coverings, tableware and metals, not to create a childish look, but rather delicate, romantic, or modern and luxurious.

Image 21: Installing a pink cabinet is the easiest way to include this color in the ladies’ bathroom decor.

Women's bathroom with pink cabinet.

Image 22: But you can also use colored tiles in your decor. And to create a more mature decoration, it is possible to invest in finishes with other more sober colors, such as gray.

Women's bathroom with pink tile.

Image 23: This pink tile was used together with marbled porcelain and black metals to compose this elegant and modern environment.

Modern women's bathroom with pink tile.

Image 24: But if you prefer a simpler decoration, you can leave the colors only in the details, such as the countertop and the bathtub lining.

Simple women's bathroom with purple tile.

Image 25: Another way to decorate your small ladies’ bathroom is through the use of modern finishes, such as porcelain and textured tile, and light pink cabinets.

Modern women's bathroom with pink cabinet.

Image 26: The combination of marbled porcelain and pink three-dimensional tile can also create a modern and elegant decor.

Modern women's bathroom with pink tile and marble.

Image 27: In addition, you can even mix white and pink tiles in your decor, contrasting with the minimalist elements used in the rest of the environment.

Modern women's bathroom with pink cabinet and brick tile.

Image 28: But you can still bet on other shades of pink. The salmon tile used in this project provided the touch of color that was missing in this environment with a predominance of neutral colors.

White and pink women's restroom.

Image 29: Remembering that you can also install a pink floor covering without leaving the childish environment. In this case, the space gained a modern decoration through the use of the differentiated light from the bathtub and the cabinets with a straight line.

Luxurious women's bathroom with pink floor.

Image 30: In addition, this example shows that it is possible to create a women’s bathroom that is almost entirely pink, but with a decor aimed at a mature person. The black metals, the modern mirror, the luminaire in the plaster ceiling and the tiles with golden details contributed to this transformation.

Modern women's bathroom with pink and gold geometric tile.

Dark colors

If you prefer a more modern and sober decor, you can invest in decorative elements in shades of black and grey, for example. But you don’t have to use them across the room if you don’t want to. You can mix dark metals and coatings with other colored tableware, coatings, and decorative items such as white, pink, gold, and so on. This way, you can decorate your women’s bathroom in a lighter and more delicate way, despite the sobriety provided by the dark colors.

Image 31: The pink cabinet, the paintings and sculptures on the wooden bench, the round mirror and the classic pendant were used to give a touch of femininity in this space decorated with elements of sober colors.

Modern women's bathroom with pink cabinet and frames.

Image 32: In this small women’s bathroom, the pink cabinet and the decorative elements were also responsible for making the look lighter.

Simple women's bathroom with pink cabinet.

Image 33: But you can also use potted plants and themed frames to make the decor simple and relaxed.

Simple women's restroom with frame.

Image 34: In this case, the pink cabinets were combined with the rest of the room, decorated with gray coatings and black metals, creating a modern space.

Women's bathroom with pink cabinet and silestone countertop.

Image 35: But you can also invest in stone cladding and porcelain tiles that imitate dark wood to build a modern and sophisticated decor.

Modern women's bathroom with wood countertop and stone finish.

Image 36: But if you prefer a luxurious decor, you can invest in the carved sink and the black porcelain countertop, as well as the suspended toilet and three-dimensional tile.

Women's bathroom with silestone countertop and white cabinet.

Image 37: In this luxurious women’s bathroom, the pink dishes, the gray porcelain tile, the giant mirror and the wall lamp attract attention.

Gray luxury women's bathroom.

Image 38: And you can even invest in the wall with a burnt cement finish, which contrasts with the geometric coatings, creating a modern look with tumbler decor.

Women's bathroom with burnt cement wall.

Image 39: In addition, you can create a luxurious decor using gold metals, black cabinet and blended porcelain.

Luxurious women's bathroom with white marble finish and golden decor.

Image 40: However, you can still have a feminine and modern bathroom that uses cabinet and black porcelain in its decoration.

Black minimalist female bathroom.

Invest in lighting your women’s bathroom

The lighting in your women’s bathroom deserves your attention and care. After all, this place is used both for cleaning and for routine skin care and makeup. For this, you can invest in a lighting project focused on central lighting in the environment, using a ceiling light or a chandelier, for example; or in indirect lighting, consisting of plaster molding type luminaires, LED spots, suspended pendant, and lampshade, among other options.

Also, remember to light up the area of ​​the bench, so that you have all the lighting possible to make your work in front of the mirror easier. In this case, you can also invest, for example, in LED spots, wall lamps and hanging pendants, which are widely used in bathroom decoration. See the projects below to get inspired!

Image 41: You can use pendant pendants and led spots to enhance the decor of your simple women’s bathroom.

Simple decoration with suspended pendant and three-dimensional tile.

Image 42: In addition, you can use a pendant with a modern design, like the one in the image, and a small ceiling light as the space’s central luminaire.

Simple decoration with suspended pendant and decorative frame.

Image 43: But if you have ample space and want to adopt a luxurious decor, it’s worth investing in modern pendants and a distinguished chandelier. In addition, this project also has a skylight in the shower area, which allows natural light to enter the room.

Luxurious decoration with chandelier, suspended pendant and shower area with vertical garden.

Image 44: In this luxurious women’s bathroom, golden suspended pendants, LED spots on the ceiling and plaster molding were used.

Luxurious decor with marble finish, mirror and suspended pendant.

Image 45: In addition to the hanging pendants, you can enhance your decor by lighting the mirror with an LED strip.

Modern decoration with illuminated mirror with LED strip and suspended pendant.

Picture 46: But you can also install led light rails on your bathroom mirror.

Romantic decoration with pink tile, wooden cabinet and LED sofa.

Image 47: Already in this project, the modern rope pendants and the LED ribbon under the cabinet draw attention.

Modern decor with gray cabinet, gray tile and hanging rope pendant.

Image 48: Another small, modern women’s bathroom decorated with hanging pendants. In addition, the shower area niche also has lighting, provided by the installation of an LED strip.

Simple decor with green cabinet and modern pendant.

Image 49: Like the previous project, this women’s bathroom has a niche lit with LED strips and modern pendants.

Simple decor with pink cabinet, wood-patterned tile and modern pendant.

Image 50: But you can also install a wall lamp above your retro mirror, complementing your ladies’ bathroom decor.

Women's bathroom with pink green and yellow tile.

Bet on different finishes to decorate your women’s bathroom

In the same way that cladding can transform the decor of your planned kitchen, these indispensable items can also be responsible for changing the look of your bathroom. The good news is that there are several coating options available on the market, such as porcelain, tiles, hydraulic tiles, marble, and granite, among others.

And as there are many options for coverings, with different finishes and colors, the challenge is to make the right choice for your feminine bathroom. A good tip is to follow the color palette you initially established, as well as the decor style you want to adopt. Thus, you reduce your range of options and can focus on coverings that can really make a difference in the decoration of this room. Check out the women’s bathrooms below, with different types of flooring!

Image 51: You can invest in clean decor and use the pink coating only on the floor.

Minimalist decor with wooden cabinet and pink floor.

Image 52: Another option is to decorate the room using hydraulic tile and white brick tile.

Romantic decoration with wooden cabinet, decorated tile and white brick.

Image 53: Combining claddings with different colors and finishes can also contribute to a modern decor. A tip is to reserve a type of lining just for the shower area, as in the example below.

Simple decor with pink tile and porcelain floor.

Image 54: In this case, the colored hydraulic tile on the floor added to the modern and youthful decor of this bathroom.

Modern decor with pink cabinet, decorated floor and white brick tile.

Image 55: However, you can also use glass tiles in your decoration.

Romantic decoration with glass inserts, glass shelf and plant vase.

Image 56: You can even use a pink geometric coating to transform the look of the room.

Modern decor with wooden cabinet and pink tile.

Image 57: In addition, you can even use a black and white tile to complement your clean and Scandinavian decor.

Clean decor with modern bathtub, white brick tile and black and white ceramic floor.

Image 58: It is also possible to mix tiles with different colors to compose the decoration of a certain wall, as in the example below.

Simple decoration with colored brick tile.

Image 59: In this luxurious women’s bathroom, in addition to the geometric lining, mixed porcelain was also used in the decoration.

Romantic, modern decor with wooden cabinet and pink support tub.

Image 60: In this space, three-dimensional tiles were used in the shower area and porcelain tiles in the rest of the room.

Luxurious decoration with brick tile and porcelain.

Use mirrors to decorate the women’s bathroom

In addition to being an essential item in the bathroom, mirrors can also be used as decorative elements, as they can be found or ordered in different sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, square, round or asymmetrical. In addition, you still have the option to invest in the charming beveled mirrors, with Venetian style, cut out, with frame, among other models.

Therefore, given so many options available on the market, it is important to choose a mirror that fits the decor proposal you want to adopt in your women’s bathroom. And to help you with this choice, we have selected some decorative projects with different types of mirrors that you need to know about. See the images below!

Image 61: The decorative round mirror with a gold frame complements the delicate and modern decor of this feminine bathroom.

Modern women's bathroom with round mirror and green cabinet.

Image 62: But you can also use the Venetian mirror in conjunction with the traditional mirror to create a luxurious and elegant decor.

Women's bathroom with marble countertops, gilded decor and beveled mirror.

Image 63: In addition, you can use a square mirror with a black frame in your room, contrasting with the delicate decoration in the rest of the room.

Modern women's bathroom with white brick tile.

Image 64: However, if you are looking for inspiration to plan a modern and elegant decor, you can take inspiration from this round mirror built into the glass panel.

Luxurious women's bathroom with pink cabinet, silestone countertop and round mirror.

Image 65: You can also use small Venetian mirrors to compose a delicate decoration.

Women's bathroom with pink cabinet and beveled mirror.

Image 66: Another example of a luxurious women’s bathroom with a beveled mirror built into the traditional wide mirror.

Luxurious women's bathroom with clean decor and beveled mirror.

Image 67: But you can only use the decorative round mirror to get away from the traditional one.

Small women's bathroom with round mirror and pink cabinet.

Image 68: However, you can also invest in installing a custom-made mirror for the space above the countertop.

Small women's bathroom with square mirror and glass inserts.

Image 69: In addition, you can bet on the mirror with a differentiated design to compose the decoration of your small feminine bathroom.

Modern women's bathroom with wooden cabinet, decorated tile and modern mirror.

Image 70: A custom-made and decorated mirror can also enhance the clean and luxurious decor of your bathroom.

Luxury women's bathroom with beveled mirror and porcelain finish.

Choose cabinets for your women’s bathroom

Cabinets or cabinets have a practical and aesthetic function in the environment, since in addition to being used in the organization and protection of objects, they can also act as decorative elements, depending on the material and color that compose them. And to find the ideal model for your women’s bathroom, you can buy a ready-made cabinet or order a planned model, which has the advantage of allowing you to customize this piece of furniture.

The important thing is to have all the exact dimensions to know exactly what kind of cabinet can be installed in the space. In addition, it is also important that the composition of this cabinet is in accordance with the color palette and decor style you want to adopt in the room. Check out this selection of designs with different types of cabinets to inspire you.

Image 71: Colorful cabinets and wooden shelves can transform your small women’s bathroom.

Women's bathroom with blue cabinet and wooden shelf.

Image 72: In addition, you can use a wooden cabinet to compose a more sober decoration.

Modern women's bathroom with wooden cabinet, bathtub and colorful tile.

Image 73: The mirror cabinet can be used to add a touch of sophistication to the environment.

Women's bathroom with mirrored cabinet and bathtub.

Image 74: This custom-made cabinet was made with marble and a gilded metallic structure, complementing the modern and luxurious decoration of the rest of the room.

White and gold women's bathroom with porcelain countertop.

Image 75: But you can also use a bespoke wooden frame like the cabinet below.

Modern women's restroom with wooden countertop.

Image 76: Using cabinets and niches under the counter can also be a good idea.

Luxury women's bathroom with gold decor and neutral cabinet.

Image 77: In this case, the countertop is composed of a pink metallic structure, replacing the traditional composition used on the countertop and cabinets.

Modern women's restroom with pink metal countertop.

Image 78: In addition to the traditional under-counter cabinet, you can also install a vanity countertop, niches and glass shelves in your small ladies’ room.

Simple women's bathroom with blue cabinet, dressing table, blue niches and glass shelf.

Image 79: The pink mauve cabinet used in this bathroom has golden handles, as well as the metals used in the rest of the room.

Simple small feminine bathroom with pink cabinet and shelf.

Image 80: But you can also use wooden cabinets and shelves decorated with LED tape and plant pots.

Small feminine bathroom with wooden cabinet, white countertop and illuminated mirror.

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