Women’s Room: +70 Inspiring Decor Projects

Decorating a female room can present many questions: for a child? Adolescent? Adult? A child’s room certainly doesn’t have the same needs as an adult’s or teenager’s room. Below are projects that cater to all the ages and needs of a woman so that you don’t make a mistake when decorating your corner.

How to decorate women’s bedroom

To decorate a female bedroom, it is essential to have a clear idea of ​​what you want: romantic, rustic, clean, modern, flashy, etc. The options are very varied and so are the styles. Below are some options for women’s projects to analyze.

Image 1: Glitzy feminine bedroom with flora wallpaper and black ceiling.

flora female room with black ceiling

Image 2: Beautiful colored feminine design. The white walls allow for the mixing of colors and patterns.

women's bedroom colored and white

Image 3: A feminine, minimalist design in white and pink.

Minimalist white and pink women's bedroom

Image 4: Equally neutral, this project opted for beige and white. It was discreet and feminine.

beige and white neutral female bedroom.

Image 5: Pink feminine bedroom with beautiful golden chandelier and gray rug.

bedroom with golden chandelier and gray carpet

Image 6: Neutral and elegant room with gray green wall and white furniture.

elegant and discreet green and white bedroom.

Image 7: Eye-catching design in pink and black. The wallpaper and black boiseries add a vintage touch to the ambience.

vintage black and pink women's bedroom

Image 8: Minimalist women’s bedroom with gray wooden headboard. Clean and modern design.


Image 9: On the other hand, this environment became colorful and stripped with the patchwork headboard uniting all the colorful details in its color palette.

Colorful women's bedroom with patchwork headboard

Image 10: Beautiful neutral design with understated wallpaper and soft pink, highlighted by the mirrored sliding door.

female bedroom with mirrored sliding door.

Female bedroom decor for maiden

When we talk about a female room for a single woman, the line between femininity and childishness can be very blurred, so we have below some tips and ideas so that your project can be delicate and feminine if you wish, without being childish.

Image 11: Although the colors are subdued, the great photography and the iron side table brought sophistication to the room.

adult female bedroom with great photo

Image 12: In this project, the plaster work on the ceiling and the joinery brought modernity, the mirrored furniture gives a touch of glamor to the room.

female bedroom with mirrors and plaster molding.

Image 13: On the other hand, this modern room has invested in a large carved mirror and upholstered headboard with gilded sconces.

Women's bedroom with mirror on the headboard

Image 14: Another room with the world map, in this project he is responsible for bringing more shades of pink to the neutral base.

adult female room with world map

Image 15: Equally feminine, this room opted for a damask wallpaper to bring a more adult and sophisticated feel.

adult female bedroom with mirror and diamond pendant

Image 16: Along the same lines, this adult project invested in purple to bring femininity without appearing childish.

purple and white room

Image 17: Differently, this room opted for a darker gray contrasting with gold and red.

colorful woman's bedroom with single bed

Image 18: This room has a woodworking project that created space for the home office and an oriental bed.

single bedroom with oriental bed.

Image 19: In addition to being feminine, this project is well planned and neutral, the highlight is the floral wallpaper.

female bedroom with flora wallpaper.

Image 20: Although limited in size, this project has a desk with drawers and shelves. Modernity comes with the rose gold chandelier.

single bedroom with rose gold chandelier

Female room with double bed

Rooms with a double bed can be for one person only, below we put some examples of super feminine and delicate projects for environments of different sizes and styles.

Image 21: With a retro feel and a soft palette, this room combines modernity and femininity with washed pink tones and a beautiful geometric rug.

blue and pink female bedroom

Image 22: Also modern, but with lighter colors, this room has optimized the space with joinery in the cabinets and illuminated shelves.

small gray and pink woman's bedroom.

Image 23: With a more relaxed style, this room bet on turquoise blue. Simple and casual, the blue contrasts with pink and gray in the fabrics and carpet.

Indian blue female bedroom.

Image 24: This project opted for green and pink, instead of wallpaper, here we see a fabric covering one of the walls.

single female bedroom in pink with mirror on the headboard

Image 25: Likewise, this project chose pink, but opted for more neutral colors for the rest of the palette, the highlight is the balance in natural fiber.

pink female bedroom with fiber swing

Image 26: On the other hand, the rose chosen in this project was pink, the blue chest is the contrast and the pillows are the bridge for a harmonious color palette.

pink female room with blue and white

Image 27: Differently, this project bet on white, the heat is brought by natural fibers and plants.

totally white double bedroom.

Image 28: Original, this room chose an open pink tone and neon lamps, the light carpet and bedding bring the delicacy.

pink room with neon lights

Image 29: Sober, the pink here appears in a more earthy and adult tone, the bed linen and the lamps bring sophistication and elegance to the room.

fourth millennial pink and brown

Image 30: In this beautiful feminine room, the wallpaper is the highlight, the pink shelves and the cage-shaped swing complete the decoration.

women's bedroom with pink swing

Female room with two beds

Another situation is when the environment needs to be divided between two people, whether children, teenagers or adults, each one needs to have their needs met within this common project. We have selected some projects below that cater for all ages and their needs.

Picture 31: More adult, this room has sober colors and discreet decor, the beds in natural wood give warmth to the environment.

room for two neutral girls

Image 32: Another example of a project where white predominates, here the joinery managed to create a functional bunk in a small space.

all-white bedroom with planned bunk bed

Image 33: Discreet and romantic, this room has neutral colors and pink details, modernity is brought by the round shelf and decorative objects.

female bedroom two gray and tea rose beds

Image 34: Modern, this room bet on pink and gray to create a youthful environment. Note that the beds can be folded into the wooden platform.

pink and gray girl's room

Image 35: Youthful and feminine design, this room has a gray wall and wooden beds, the pink comes from the bedding and the chandelier.

Pink and gray female ballerina room.

Image 36: But here, the joinery separated the study environment and the dressing table from the beds, the result was a delicate, functional room with good use of space.

female bedroom with dressing table

Image 37: But even with a larger size, the project preferred to optimize and separate the spaces with the suspended bed, the stairs serve as a niche for a lower bed.

bedroom with bunk bed and study space.

Image 38: Likewise, this room also separated the environments, but favored separate benches for each resident.

bedroom with two desks

Image 39: This project chose neutral colors and white walls, the result is an elegant and discreet room.

female neutral bedroom for girls

Image 40: Modern bedroom in green and pink, highlighted by the gray print curtains.


modern female bedroom

The modern style is one of the most democratic, and is generally chosen because it adapts well to small spaces and because it offers a wide variety of decor options. One of the great assets of this style is the joinery, which usually appears to offer intelligent and functional solutions for the environment.

Image 41: Although it has a lit color palette, this room was balanced and youthful.

teen bedroom light green and black

Picture 42: This room chose a pink wallpaper to highlight the white furniture and crystal chandelier, the result was a young and feminine environment.

pink girl's bedroom with wallpaper

Image 43: In addition to soft, this environment was delicate with the geometric wallpaper in washed colors, the upholstered headboard complements the palette.

female bedroom with geometric wallpaper

Image 44: Discreet, this decor has chosen light blue and salmon to create a delicate and feminine atmosphere.

bedroom with upholstered fish scale headboard

Image 45: The joinery was able to take advantage of the side walls of the window and create a beautiful project for this room, making the most of the space.

pink female bedroom with desk and dressing table.

Image 46: Design with chalkboard wall, swing and textured wallpaper. All of this was made possible by choosing a smooth color palette.

female bedroom with chalkboard wall.

Image 47: Modern and vintage, the focus of this project was on golden details and differentiated lighting.

gilded teen bedroom with flower chandelier

Image 48: Mainly neutral, this room left the feminine touch to the bedding and details, such as the scarves and the chandelier.

simple neutral white teen bedroom

Picture 49: Beautiful room with a carpentry project that created the bed and shelves around the window, the delicate chandelier contrasts with the black wall that serves as a slate.

female room with blackboard wall and custom furniture.

Image 50: This stark white room is feminine and delicate. Note the dressing room mirror and the string of lights around the window.

women's white room with dressing room mirror

romantic female bedroom

Decorating a women’s room opens up a range of enormous possibilities, it has far-fetched, modern, colorful, Provencal options, with varied themes and colors, but all projects seek the same result: a functional, practical environment that can convey the resident’s personality .

Image 51: This beautiful canopy bed is romantic and delicate, the soft color highlights the design of the furniture, which is not only beautiful but also functional.

white canopy bed

Image 52: Equally delicate, this room bets on Provencal with a beautiful golden canopy matching the glass pendants.

delicate girl's bedroom with golden canopy

Picture 53: Above all romantic, this room has beautiful blue floral wallpaper.

blue romantic female bedroom

Image 54: With an antique look, the design has boiseries and floral print wallpaper, washed pink and white complete the delicate look.

women's room with boiserie and wallpaper

Picture 55: Beautiful canopy bed with upholstered headboard, note the recessed ceiling above the bed with indirect lighting.

bedroom with white canopy bed

Image 56: In Boho style, the highlight is the pink barn door. White boiserie and delicate wallpaper help highlight the dark floor.

boho chic girl room with barn door.

Image 57: Romantic and feminine, this design has a beautiful upholstered headboard and pink bedding.

white and pink romantic bedroom

Image 58: This room bet on floral to bring the romantic air in this project, the upholstered iron chair and the white bed complete the room’s romanticism.

romantic vintage flora room

Image 59: With a retro touch, this room opted for neutral and light colors, leaving pink for the details and fabrics.

pink and gray retro female bedroom

Picture 60 : Romantic and neutral design, the curtains and headboard upholstery are made in the same fabric, which sets the tone for all the walls and the chandelier.

neutral female romantic bedroom

Rooms with neutral decor

When you have a busier life, we don’t always think much about decoration, and that’s why it’s common to opt for more neutral and simple projects, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be monotonous or boring. We separate some projects that, despite being neutral, have personality.

Image 61: In this project the joinery created niches, lighted spaces and the desk, neutral colors complete the decoration.

female single bedroom neutral wall cappuccino

Image 62: Not only neutral, but with a lot of character, this room has a vintage style brought out by the golden accents and mirrored furniture.

room with mirrored furniture

Image 63: Discreet and neutral, the personality is due to the large iron headboard and the carpentry project.

single room planned

Image 64: With a more rustic style, this simple room has the warmth of wood, which goes well with the geometric rug and pink wall.

rustic female single bedroom

Image 65: With reduced size, the joinery took advantage of the space above the window to place a shelf. Soft colors highlight the woodworking project.

small and planned female room

Image 66: With very sober tones and discreet wallpaper, the highlight of this project is the beehive bookcase. The lined bed makes the environment even more clean.

bedroom with bed lined in linen.

Image 67: Another totally white project, the touch of warmth here is given by the discreet bed linen in natural wood.

all white single room

Image 68: Minimalist, the headboard also supports the paintings, an industrial lamp and a side table complete the cool decoration.

simple and neutral single bedroom millennial pink headboard

Image 69: Equally neutral, this room prioritized spaces to store books, the joinery integrated the furniture in a discreet color palette.


Image 70: Totally planned, this space has drawers, niches and a desk. Despite the wallpaper and mustard details on the furniture, the design remains neutral and understated.

designed room with bed and desk


Style that is very successful, arrived as a more teen trend and ended up dominating adult spaces too. Whether for having a neutral color palette that goes with everything, or for having a very cool and modern look, the fact is that the tumbrl room is here to stay.

Image 71: Black, white and gold: a combination that rarely goes wrong.

tumbrl female bedroom black and gold

Image 72 : Equally monochromatic, this environment offers a more discreet and youthful design.

white and black female bedroom

Image 73: On the other hand, this room opted for the white base and only black details, the industrial luminaires complete the decoration.

bedroom with industrial pendants

Image 74: The novelty here is the gray composing with black and white. Modern and neutral design.

teen bedroom black, white and gray

Image 75: The highlight of this project is the antique desk with drawers, responsible for bringing a retro look to a modern project.

white room with antique furniture tumbrl

Image 76: Another variation on the theme, but with the addition of the rose, the whole project gained delicacy and personality.

tumbrl teen bedroom black, pink and gray

Image 77: Cool, this room made a geometric painting on the wall that raises the gaze to the industrial pendant.

black, pink and white female bedroom

Image 78: Differently, in this child’s room , notice that the mixture of prints is harmonious when they are part of the same color palette.

tumbrl room with a mix of prints

Image 79: More adult, this room preferred a neutral base to highlight the black iron bed.


Image 80: Another children’s version, however, with sophisticated lighting and a large blackboard for fun.

tumbrl female children's room with blackboard