Wooden Houses: Check out 50 Passionate Models

Because they are made of a material that is easy to find and affordable, wooden houses are very popular when it comes to quick and cost-effective construction. Attributes that make a difference when it comes to construction.

As well as the low cost, wooden houses also bring other benefits for the residents. Of course, one of the highlights among the advantages is thermal comfort. With a good thickness, the wood leaves the heat outside the house for a longer time.

Thus, as it is a material that ensures thermal insulation, the house is pleasant in all seasons, in winter it is hot and in summer it is cool!

Other advantages that should be mentioned are: Constructive agility for being pre-ready parts, clean work, little waste, as well as environmental responsibility, since it is a resource that can be replanted. We separate beautiful wooden house designs to inspire.

Simple wooden houses

Image 1 – Wooden houses with a simple and cozy look.

simple wooden houses

Wooden houses do not always have a very sophisticated facade. Therefore, it hardly pleases those looking for facades of modern houses , however, they are perfect for those who dream of a more rustic house, and with a look that refers to the beloved country house .

In fact, simple wooden houses are usually prefabricated, and sold in certain sizes. Thus, in addition to the lower cost, there is also material savings and agility for construction. Check out these super cool projects with simple and beautiful ideas

Image 2 – The wooden house is simple, moreover, to improve the look, it received a coat of blue paint and had the doors and windows painted white.

Blue painted wooden house

Image 3 – The simple wooden house has an L layout, black walls and white doors and windows.

Wooden house with L-shaped layout, black walls and white doors.

Image 4 – Good idea for those who want a simple wooden house: varnished walls, white doors and a large balcony. Certainly, the mix brought a country house look.

Wooden house with white windows.

Image 5 – Example of a prefabricated house with a wooden structure, and exposed brick facade.

Wooden house with brick.

Image 6 – Prefabricated wooden house, with a delightful porch with a rocking bench.

Wooden house with a rustic look.

Image 7 – Wooden house with gable roof and delicious small balcony.

Wooden houses bring a rustic atmosphere.

Image 8 – A small cottage, simple and stylish, perfect for enjoying the winter days.

Wooden house with different architecture.

Image 9 – Beautiful prefabricated house produced in wood, thus, resulted in savings in budget and construction materials. It’s worth investing!

Wooden houses with a rustic look.

Image 10 – Despite being prefabricated, this wooden house brought an architecture enriched with the volumetric of the roof, doors and windows in white and wood painted in light tones.

Painted wooden houses.

Wooden houses with a balcony

Another category that calls the attention of those who dream of this type of residence are wooden houses with a balcony. The choice is perfect for those who like the warmth of wood, but don’t give up a space in the outdoor area to contemplate nature.

For greater durability of the structure, it is recommended to apply water-based varnish regularly. While the inner part lasts up to 20 years. But, remember, in the porch area, the wooden columns also need treatment, thus ensuring a longer useful life.

Image 11 – Winter cottage style, the wooden manor house brings the small balcony and is an extension of the social area, perfect for family meals.

Wooden houses with a cozy balcony.

Image 12 – An L-shaped structure serves both as an entrance hall space and a delightful balcony equipped with a dining table.

Balcony is the protagonist in this wooden house.

Image 13 – This balcony is at the back of the building, and in addition to the dining area it also reserves space for a living room.

Wooden houses with light paintwork.

Image 14 – A balcony surrounds the entire side of the prefabricated wooden house.

Varandinha is the entrance hall of this wooden house.

Image 15 – The wooden house was entirely painted in white and also received black frames. This mixture guaranteed a modern look to the construction. So the balcony was the icing on the cake.

Wooden house in white with sashes in black.

Image 16 – On the second floor of this manor house, the balcony has flowerbeds with colorful flowers. Note that to support the balcony wooden structures were used that use the same principle as a French hand.

Madeira is the protagonist in this townhouse.

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Image 17 – This house with an outdoor area very well used, the wooden house has two balconies perfect for admiring the view.

Wooden houses are perfect for leisure.

Image 18 – The wooden construction has two balconies: one on the upper floor and another on the lower floor, which serves as an extension of the leisure area.

Perfect wooden houses for the countryside.

Modern wooden houses

It is not just because the house is made of wood that it cannot bring a modern and sophisticated look. Of course, unlike modern and contemporary houses , exposed concrete is not present, and gives way to the element that is a symbol of thermal and visual comfort.

Straight lines, volumetric, stilts, glass… the modern wooden houses bring some familiar concepts, known in the modern style. From a distance, you can already see the difference between these projects in relation to wooden houses with a rural look. Check out some of these unique architectural projects.

Image 19 – The project brings a sophisticated and modern look guaranteed by the architecture that has volumetric. Furthermore, the balcony offers a view of nature.

Wooden houses can bring a modern look.

Image 20 – In this project, wood is opposed to cold elements, as well as glass and stones.

Modern architecture brand wooden house.

Image 21 – Another wooden house project that brings elements of modern architecture, the main one is the volume, the boxes overlap forming a super cool look.

Wood is the protagonist in this modern project.

Image 22 – The wooden house has a wide opening guaranteed by the glass doors. Furthermore, nature guarantees a unique look.

Modern wooden houses bring volumetry and glass.

Image 23 – Beautiful wooden house project that knew how to use the slope of the land as a positive aspect of the construction.

Wooden house dribbles terrain unevenness.

Image 24 – With three floors, the construction brought wood in evidence. Undeniably, the black frames add a touch of modernity, as do the straight lines.

Wood, glass and black frames define the project.

Image 25 – In this project, it was erected under stilts, one of the symbols of modernity in Brazil and was the solution for the sloping terrain.

Wooden houses with stilts.

Image 26 – It is possible to see the double ceiling height through the wide glass opening. Just as the sloping roof is featured on the facade.

Modernity branding country house project.

Rustic wooden houses

In contrast to the modern projects with straight lines and elements such as glass and stilts, the wooden houses with a rustic look evoke the country atmosphere. Thus, they are perfect projects to copy to build your country house.

With architecture reminiscent of colonial buildings, they feature rustic paintings, wooden windows with details such as glass and boiseries and a roof made of clay tile. Check out some inspirations from this type of construction.

Image 27 – The red painting recalls the patina technique and reinforces the rustic look.

Rustic wooden house with worn paint.

Image 28 – Project with a rustic look, with a balcony, covered with glass.

Rustic wooden house.

Image 29 – Small rustic wooden house, with only 18 square meters. Furthermore, the entire façade of the residence was made from recycled wooden pallets, and it is beautiful and sustainable!

Small, rustic wooden house.

Image 30 – Wooden house in the middle of the forest. Can you be more rustic ? The construction is simple, but full of warmth and charm.

Small, rustic wooden house.

Image 31 – The cabin style house brings a very cozy look, which is in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Wooden cottage with a rustic look.

Image 32 – The country house brought a rustic wood that contributed to the climate of this project, which is located in the middle of the forest.

Small, rustic wooden house.

Image 33 – Cottage style house, with rustic wood, blue painted door and wooden deck at the entrance. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by the project which, in addition to being a grace, is also perfect for those who love nature.

Small and rustic wooden chalet.

Image 34 – Rustic wooden houses are perfect for the countryside. Therefore, they contribute to thermal and acoustic comfort both on hot and cold days.

Small, rustic wooden house.

Painted wooden houses

Wooden houses can also be painted. While in addition to bringing beauty and color to the construction, painting also helps preserve the wood for longer, ensuring the project’s durability.

It is important to invest in a paint suitable for wood, because the natural material needs a treatment to resist bad weather, as well as unwanted animals, such as termites.

Image 35 – The wooden house had the walls painted in teal, while the windows were painted white.

Wooden house with colored walls.

Image 36 – The construction brought an unusual mixture of colors, the palette features shades such as purple, orange, yellow and blue.

Unusual color mix.

Image 37 – The wooden house was painted in light gray, it was super elegant and timeless.

Neutral paint marks wooden house.

Image 38 – Cool mix: The house brought turquoise blue on the wall and purple on the doors, windows and balcony railing. The look is perfect for a beach house, isn’t it?

House with blue wall and purple door.

Image 39 – The sky blue was the right choice for this wooden construction and brought a cool look to the project. As well as the door received yellow paint and white details.

House with blue wall and yellow door.

Image 40 – Once again, blue was the protagonist in a construction. Furthermore, yellow came into play to color the entrance door.

House with blue wall and yellow door.

Image 41 – The paint transformed the wood, eliminating the rustic look to give way to the super charming façade. So, for the walls, the choice was yellow, while the door received a shade of green.

House with colored walls.

Image 42 – The wooden house has a moss green wall and a red door. The unusual mixture ensured the project a very different and cozy look.

House with colored walls.

Image 43 – Who said that wooden houses should always have a rustic and country look? They can have light colors and a lighter look.

Wooden houses with colored walls.

Wooden houses with glass

While wood brings a more rustic and welcoming look to the facade, glass gives the opposite: a more modern and cold atmosphere. That’s why mixing the two elements is so interesting for architecture.

It is worth remembering that in addition to the more modern look, glass also contributes to lighting, as the wide openings let sunlight into the rooms. That’s why we’ve separated some projects that show how glass and wood can make the perfect duo.

Image 44 – The glass openings in this house ensured a more up-to-date look for the construction. The best part is that it opens up to a stunning landscape.

House with glass as the protagonist.

Image 45 – Glass came into play to divide external and internal areas in this wooden house project.

House with glass as the protagonist.

Image 46 – Project for a wooden house in which glass entered the scene as a protagonist. See that the glass accompanied the entire height of the building, going from the floor to the roof.

House with glass as the protagonist.

Image 47 – The wooden house brought a super different architecture. To contribute to the modern look, glass was the choice of the architects responsible for the project.

House with glass as the protagonist.

Image 48 – The wooden house brought wide openings to the outside area, so residents can observe nature from the inside as well.

House with glass as the protagonist.

Image 49 – The wooden houses with glass bring a more modern atmosphere to the construction. This was the case with this project, which brought glass both in the window openings and in the parapet.

House with glass as the protagonist.

Image 50 – The facade of this wooden house brings elements of modern architecture, such as glass and brise.

Wooden houses have glass as the protagonist.

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