Wooden Pergola: Models, How to Make and Floor Plan

Wooden pergolas are structures made with columns and beams, which have the function of protecting an area, whether it is a garden, a porch or even a garage. However, the name comes from Latin and means protective covering.

It comes from Italy and gives a special charm to the area in which it is located. Thus, it covers spaces, usually in an outdoor area. The wood used in the pergola must be varnished and waterproofed, as it will be exposed to the weather, sun and rain.

How to use the wooden pergola

The pergola in the garden is the most used, as it creates a warm and charming atmosphere outside the house. Thus, it is a great space to receive friends and family, offering a favorable environment for socializing.

Image 01: Decorating your pergola with ornamental plants leaves the environment graceful.

wooden pergola with flowers

Installed on the balcony or on the balcony, the wooden pergola is a great option for those who want to make better use of the space in apartments. The verandas are closed or covered with pergolas, thus creating an external deck that can be installed in place of barbecue grills or a very relaxed space for parties.

However, the pergola can be used in events such as weddings and birthday parties. Thus, the rustic touch of the structure complements the sweet table, bringing charm to the environment. Thus, one can assemble the altar of the pergola celebration and decorate it with flowers and voiles.

In addition, the place where the pergola is installed is very inviting, it is a great option for those who want to make their home more charming, rustic and inviting. After all, wood is welcoming in itself and using this structure to build a place for parties and socializing is a good option.

Image 02: They can make room for beautiful rest areas.

wood pergola with glass cover

One of the most used structures, the wooden pergola is easy to combine with furniture and decoration, giving a more country air to the environment or even more sophisticated, or avant-garde.

It is necessary to give good maintenance to the pergolas, as they are made of wood and most of them are installed outside the house, they are subject to changes in temperature, insect attacks, rain and sunlight.

Image 03: Add lanterns to give lighting effects.

wooden pergola for outdoor room

Wood structure

Each wood has its own characteristic. Pay attention to what type of application will be used, as wood has hardness, strength, weight, oiliness, odor, among others that bring advantages and disadvantages.

To build a roof, for example, a more resistant wood is indicated, but it must not be too heavy so as not to overload the structure. The wood for the interior should be strong, but it can be lighter.

Image 04: The glass can be used to avoid rain and a lot of heat in the place.

rustic wooden pergola

The color of the wood used in the structure varies according to the type used in the construction. Lighter woods look good in an environment like the pool, for example, while darker woods add charm to gardens and balconies. But the most important thing is that in outdoor environments the wood of the pergola must be hard and resistant to withstand climate changes such as rain and sunlight.

Types of wood

Wooden pergolas can be teak, which is used in naval vessels and is quite resistant to external aggression. However, it does not warp and resists climate change masterfully. It is a species that comes from abroad, but in our country it is widely used in reforestation.

Image 05: Extend a corner of your house with a pergola.

wooden pergola for gourmet space

The pie has a good durability. Furthermore, it is a native tree of Brazil and can be used outdoors. That’s why it’s used outdoors, it’s dense and heavy, and it doesn’t rot. So, a great option for pergola.

Camaro resists insect and fungus attacks and is resistant to air humidity variations. However, it is also a native Brazilian species.

The maçaranduba is also indicated for use in outdoor environments for its durability and resistance.

Eucalyptus, on the other hand, must be treated with an autoclave system as this allows protection against decay.

Image 06:   Barbecue areas are much more comfortable.

wooden pergola

Cedar is a soft and light wood that allows a harmonious and beautiful construction, yet resistant.

Demolition wood such as Probe and Jacob can also be a good option for making a pergola because they can be used to make structures and are very resistant.

The cheapest options to build a wooden pergola are Grapier, Maraca tiara, Angelim and Tauari.

Image 07: Make a charm near the pool.

wooden pergola in the garden

Advantages and disadvantages

Those looking to enhance an area, garden, gourmet space, swimming pool and other environments can use the pergola, which can give a more rustic feel to the place, transforming a simple area into a sophisticated space.

You can use the pergola to grow plants, as it facilitates the maintenance and growth of fruits and flowers. In addition, the pergola helps protect outdoor furniture from moisture and sunlight. For this reason, a bamboo pergola or a straw lining is recommended. Thus, the roof can be made from plants or a special coating. But it is also a great option to protect the walls of the pergola from solar radiation, reducing the internal temperature.

Image 08: Add wooden sofas to make it even more elegant.

outdoor room with wooden pergola

One of the disadvantages of having a pergola is the maintenance that must be done more frequently and the treatment of the wood to prevent it, for example, from warping. Therefore, you should think about acquiring a resistant wood, as a pergola in an outdoor environment will be subject to temperature variations, in addition to rain and sunlight.

Therefore, it is necessary to think about the characteristics of each wood, the covering of the pergola roof, which furniture will be under the structure and where it will be inserted. The wooden pergola makes the environment more natural than aluminum, for example.

Image 09: The pergola can also be well differentiated.

wooden pergola with mat

Where to use wooden pergola

The wooden pergola is very practical and affordable. After all, it has a great cost-benefit ratio. In addition, it gives a charm to the garden, to the flowerbed outside the house, and can be a creative solution for those with little space. In this way, with the wooden pergola it is possible to create a peaceful and contemplative environment.

You can use the wooden pergola in the garden, next to the pool, thus ensuring a leftover next to it, on the rooftop, which is the roof of the leisure area, in a home office module, pergola over an artificial lake, in the garage, on the balcony, among other spaces.

Image 10: The hammocks look beautiful in these rest areas.

wooden pergola with hammock

It is easier to combine with furniture and allows for a small installation area. However, the wood must be waterproofed to be protected from possible weather changes in the area where the pergola is located. In addition, it must also receive treatment against insects, protecting it from possible attacks and damage to the structure.

So, for the pergola to last longer it must receive periodic maintenance, being sanded and receiving varnish or even paint. However, if the pergola is covered with plants, it will be protected from the weather by the leaves and flowers, in addition to being a beauty, a sight for sore eyes.

Image 11: Very modern pergolas have their space in the decoration.

modern wooden pergola

Wooden pergola in gardens

Image 12: The trunks make an amazing effect.

rustic wooden pergola

Image 13: The spacing between the ceiling woods can also change.

wooden pergola in the garden

Image 14: Also bet on making a deck to delimit your space.

small wooden pergola

Image 15: Place your pergola next to trees or coconut trees.

wooden pergola

Image 16: So another beautiful simple example of a pergola.

wooden pergola under construction

Image 17: Wood can only be used on the ceiling.

decorated wooden pergola

Image 18: But did you know that you can make your own pergola?

outdoor wooden pergola

Image 19: Just choose your favorite model.

wooden pergola with benches

Image 20: And putting creativity to work.

living room with wooden pergola

Image 21: So create custom templates.

wooden pergola

Image 22: And make your home even more charming.

wooden pergola with flowers and sofas

Image 23: You certainly won’t regret it.

wooden pergola to take the family

Image 24: Besides enchanting many people with this space.

wooden pergola for the barbecue

Image 25: Look at the landscape too.

wooden pergola in front of the lake

Image 26: Add plants to bring the place to life.

wooden pergola with spring foot

Image 27: Use as a base for children’s swings.

wooden pergola with swing

Wooden pergola on facades

Image 28: That entrance hall can be put to good use.

wooden pergola in the hallway

Image 29: The facade of your house can be another face with this item.

decorated wooden pergola

Image 30: So more this idea.

entrance with wooden pergola

Image 31: Details only on the entrance door is also a charm.

covered porch with wooden pergola

Image 32: Take the opportunity to compose with that so dreamed vertical garden.

wooden pergola with garden

Image 33: Create attachments at home to give the one modified on the facade.

balcony with wooden pergola

Image 34: The fireplace area on the facade can and should have a wooden pergola.

wooden bench with wooden pergola

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Image 35: See another beautiful example in the entrance of the house.

facade with wooden pergola

Image 36: Another idea as a roof for a balcony.

balcony decorated with wooden pergola

Image 37: Small details on the facade make all the difference.

pergola detail on the facade

Image 38: The garage can also be made with a beautiful pergola.

garage made with pergola

Image 39: Make balconies.

porch made with pergola

Image 40: Another amazing facade idea.

facade with pergola

Image 41: Create lovely entries.

pergola for entry

Image 42: Customize the gourmet area.

wooden pergola

Image 43: They look beautiful even on building entrances.

entrance pergola

Image 44: But what about this view?

beautiful landscape to admire

Wooden pergola in the hallway

Image 45: From life to external corridors.

simple and sophisticated decor

Image 46: Make beautiful gardens.

covered garden

Image 47:  Breakfast areas.

decorated outdoor area

Image 48: Or use to protect doors.

wooden pergola

Image 49: Leave your stairs covered.

decorated side for passage

Image 50: And create beautiful rest areas.

balcony with pergola

Image 51: But it can also give space to the barbecue.

indoor gourmet area

Image 52: Or just cover the tables.

barbecue table

Image 53: So look at this beautiful example.

covered external ladder

Image 54:  Make a union with the wall.

pergola project

Image 55:  Or create your own wooden pergola structure.

decorated garden

Image 56: Take advantage of the wood of the inner lining.

pergola in the hallway

Pergola for parties

Image 57: Caprice in enlightenment.

wooden pergola

Image 58: Make very decorative models.

oval pergola

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Image 59: Bet on the use of oval to decorate.

decorated resting space

Image 60: Large rugs and curtains to make it even more beautiful.

sophisticated pergola

Image 61: But also fancy the barbecue area.

covered barbecue

Image 62: Or that corner with a lake.

wooden pergola

Image 63:  Make beautiful structures to accommodate your guests.

covered rest benches

Image 64: Create a breakout space for parties.

rest area

Image 65: Or have your own party under it.

table space

Image 66: But profiles with very natural decorations can be great places for photo shoots.

covered natural area

Image 67: Another cool idea for a rest area.

zen space

Image 68: For wedding ceremonies the pergola is perfect.

wedding decoration

Image 69: As well as to welcome family and friends.

backyard with pergola

Some more ideas

The wooden pergola over the garden enhances the property and transforms the environment into something unique. Because there are structures that take the entire length of the house, making it look bigger.

By creating a bookcase with the same wood as the pergola, a rustic and creative atmosphere is created. After all, combining beauty with functionality, the structure next to the bookcase leaves a robust face to the elements inserted inside the pergola. It’s a great usage tip showing that the framework has many applications.

The pool next to the wet environment can become an elegant and functional environment. You can use tables, chairs, wooden or plastic benches. The roof can be wood, straw or even smoked glass. However, it is a great option to transform your home’s outdoor environment into a place of fun and interaction.

Image 70: Tan in style.

pool with pergola

By joining two modules of the house, the wooden pergola can make your home office a practical and charming place. Since working at home is more in demand in these times, it transforms your professional environment, bringing warmth and functionality.

Anyway, there are several uses for the wooden pergola, find out which option is best for you and if it will meet your expectations. That’s because the cost-effectiveness of the pergola is enormous, you can transform your home into another type of environment, making it more inviting to friends and family. Thus, the outside of your home can become a perfect environment for parties and get-togethers.

Image 71: But how about this other idea?

pool pergola

How to make a wooden pergola

The wooden pergola guarantees a very cozy space in your home with charm and comfort. So, to make one, you have to build pillars and wooden beams positioned in parallel. You can use several types of wood such as eucalyptus, pine, probe, Jacob, among others. Thus, the cost of the work varies from R$4,000.00 to R$8,000.00.

First, you choose the material, measure the logs that will be used, demarcate the ground, join the two vertical pieces with a transverse batten, mark the joint points and install the roof beams. You can use glass roofs or even wood and straw to make the roof. Tempered glass does not influence the entrance of light and still protects the space.

Image 72: Create custom balconies.

covered porch with wood

Learn how to decorate your pergola

You can cover the pergola with plants, giving a more harmonious atmosphere to the space. It can be decorated with spring, in the shape of a bush, hedge or creeper.

Another option is love, or a little grip, which adapts to any type of support, closing the structure well, giving ample coverage. After all, the yellow alameda is also very beautiful in the pergola, it covers the structure and presents flowers almost all year round, giving an extra charm to the environment.

Image 73: Make a decorated space in the garden.

pergola in the garden

You can create a small vegetable garden or plant succulents or cacti that are easy to have low maintenance, next to the pergola or under it. The furniture can also be made of wood, harmonizing the place. For pergolas near swimming pools, prefer plastic chairs and a smoked glass roof.

The pergola with the wooden floor will look like a deck or far away. The grass floor brings a more rustic feel to the structure. The floor can also be covered with stones, giving a charming touch to the place. You can put benches, sofas, ottomans and even swings inside, imagination is the limit.

Image 74: In the back of the house it is also valid.

pergola covered with glass

Use and abuse creativity

Now that you know the uses and how to build a wooden pergola, you can choose what use you will make of this structure. In addition to being practical and charming, it can house your favorite plants and flowers, transform the outside of your house into a place for partying and socializing, or it can also have a wet area for your pool, or even a nice home office to work at home.

Anyway, the options are numerous. It is important to point out that the wooden pergola must have periodic maintenance so that it remains beautiful and resistant to weather and weather. The structure must also be free of insects that could damage it.

The wooden pergola is a great option for those who want to improve and make their home more beautiful, as well as having a space to have fun with family and friends.

Image 75: Create a space to have that couple moment.

environment for couple

Wooden Pergola Models

Image 76: Regardless of the pergola model, the place is cozy.

pergola with coffee table

Image 77: A corner to spend time chatting.

wooden pergola

Image 78: Make a room in your garden.

decorated outdoor room

Image 79: Another amazing wedding idea.

event decoration

Image 80: Outdoor ceremonies are enchanting.

wedding decoration

Image 81:  Brighten your outer room.

Outdoor lighting

Image 82: Reserve a space to relax outdoors.

connection with nature

Image 83: Create isolated spaces to connect to nature.

wooden pergola

Image 84: Make this corner your refuge.

outdoor garden with pergola

Image 85: Even in public places.

decorated terrace

Image 86: Create shelves to decorate the space.

shelves at the base of the pergola

Image 88: Make glass cover for use even on rainy days.

clean and decorated environment

Image 89: Make a living wall to increase contact with nature.

vertical garden in the outer room

Image 90: Even in companies it looks beautiful.

factory with pergola

Plants for wooden pergola

Image 91: The vines give a very natural look.

fresh outdoor environment

Image 92: Spring is one of the most used for hedging.

outdoor room

Image 93: So, look at this other idea.

wooden pergola

Image 94: They can be either on the roof or on the pillars.

red privera foot

Image 95: Even if it doesn’t fill everything, the sun beams will make an amazing effect.

decorative plants for pergola

Image 96: There are several ideas for you to carry out.

outside room

Image 97: Even with sleepers.

sleepers to decorate

Image 98: Or plants that have only leaves.

small covered garden

Image 99: Any idea is cute!

wooden pergola

Image 100: Let nature participate.

decorative sheets

Image 101: Get amazing results.

decorative privera foot

Image 102: Create stunning scenery.

natural decoration

Image 103: Unique.

wooden pergola

Image 104: Full of delicacy.

outdoor decorative plants

Image 105: And very natural.

large covered areas

More ideas to get inspired

Image 106: Vases are also welcome.

pergola in the garden

Image 107: Use the trees to cover your pergola.

wooden pergola

Image 108: Use small vines with flowers.

outer pergola

Image 109: Bet on fabrics.

jacuzzi with pergola

Image 110: Customize small gardens.

decorative bunch in the garden

Image 111: Use colored vases.

vases to decorate

Image 112: Or ceramic.

wooden pergola

Image 113: But always remember to light up to have spectacular nights.

outdoor night effect

Image 114: Fireplaces are also welcome.

very rustic decor

Image 115: Make an external living.

L structures

Image 116: See more of this idea.

square-spaced ceiling

Image 117: Use to support rocking chairs.

use slat on transersal

Image 118: To bring convenience.

make big areas

Picture 119: Use of modernity.

modern decor

Image 120: And get incredible results!

decorated outdoor area

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