Wooden Stairs: 85 Models to Get Inspired

When we design and build houses with more than one floor, the ladder becomes an important item in the project, as it will guarantee mobility inside the house. Whether wooden stairs, metal or any other material, in addition to adding beauty and style to the decor, they must be installed with their functionality in mind, so that they can help facilitate circulation around the home.

There are two factors that are fundamental for choosing the ideal ladder: the shape it will have and the raw material that will be used in its construction. The first will depend on the space available for the installation of the ladder and the function it will have in that environment. The raw material must be chosen keeping in mind the style of decoration that the house will have. You should also think about which room in the house it will be installed.

Houses with wooden stairs

Wood is an element often used in the decoration projects that we see around. This is because the material brings style and elegance to the environment where it is inserted, whether in decoration elements or as part of the built-up area. When the material is used in stairs, for example, it still brings an imposing appearance to the room where it is installed.

Picture 1: Wooden ladder that unites the modern of the metal structure with the rustic of the light wood. In this example, the wood is varnished.

Wooden ladder with iron base.

Wooden stairs can have different shapes and can be more modern or more rustic and traditional. Furthermore, it is very interesting when it is used in combination and together with other materials, such as iron and glass. In addition, there is a variety of wood styles that allow the owner of the house where the stairs will be installed to choose the type that best suits them and that best matches the decor.

Image 2: Example of a more classic wooden ladder.

Wooden ladder with white handrail.

Rustic Wooden Stairs

Image 3: With a different format, this ladder was built with rustic wooden boards.

Ladder with rustic wood

Wooden stairs can help a lot in creating more rustic environments. The wood can have different colors, different textures and more than one finish, being able to adapt to the most different styles.

In addition, the material by itself gives a more rustic look to an environment, whether it’s a straighter staircase or a snail-shaped staircase. It’s also really cool when this style is used in more modern rooms, because this contrast can be really cool! See some ideas below.

Image 4: With a rawer finish, this ladder gives a charm to the environment.

Rustic staircase with floating step.

Image 5: Even with the black element, this ladder maintains its rustic style.

Wooden ladder with black handrail.

Image 6: Inspiration for classic, almost minimalist stairs.

Simple wooden ladder.

Image 7: Rustic finish on a modern format staircase.

Rustic wooden spiral staircase.

Image 8: Another example of the mix of rustic and modern.

Rustic staircase with glass.

Modern wooden stairs models

Image 9: Ladder that is almost a work of art.

Most modern wooden ladder.

Despite referring to rustic things, wood can be, and is, very well used in the design of more modern pieces. This material can take different shapes, in addition to being mixed with the most diverse materials.

Wood can be used with glass, with metal, gain a minimalist touch, in addition to being used with or without a handrail or guardrail. See the examples in the photos below.

Image 10: Ladder in straight lines and with bookcase underneath, mixed with yellow iron ladder.

wooden ladder with iron ladder.

Image 11: The glass, mixed with the wooden stairs, gives a touch of modernity.

black painted wooden staircase with glass and iron handrail

Image 12: Super modern spiral staircase.

Dark wood shaped ladder.

Picture 13: Wooden ladder in minimalist style.

U-shaped staircase with glass handrail.

Image 14: Wooden ladder with white base and glass guardrail.

straight wooden ladder

See some more wooden stairs ideas to get you inspired!

Image 15: Simple staircase, mixing wood with white, located in the center of the house.

White ladder with wood.

Image 16: Modern staircase, using wood and iron.

Two way ladder, using wood and iron.

Image 17: The snail-shaped wooden staircase, in addition to bringing call to decor, optimizes space.

Snail-shaped wooden stairs.

Image 18: Stairs with beautiful rustic wood railing.

ladder with wooden guardrail.

Image 19: Inspiration for all wooden stairs and white handrail.

Wooden ladder with white handrail.

Image 20: Inspiration for more modern wooden stairs.

Wooden ladder split in two.

Image 21: Another modern staircase, this time with a railing in vertical iron bars.

Wooden ladder with vertical guardrail.

Image 22 In this example, the steps of the ladder are made of wood and the structure of the ladder is made of iron.

Stairs with wooden steps and iron structure,

Image 23: The most classic wooden ladder model, mixing the natural color of the material with white.

Classic wooden ladder.

Image 24: Another example of the mixture of iron and wood.

Ladder with iron structure and wooden steps.

Image 25: This model does not have a handrail or structure.

Wooden ladder without a handrail.

Image 26: Wooden ladder built into the wall.

Wooden ladder built into the wall.

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Image 27: Minimalist staircase, mixing iron and wood.

Wooden ladder with iron.

Image 28: Wooden ladder with glass handrail.

Wooden and glass stairs.

Image 29: All wooden stairs with red accents.

Stairs built entirely in wood.

Image 30: Wooden ladder with lighting highlighting the material.

Wooden stairs with spot lighting.

Image 31: Model where both the ladder, the handrail and the guardrail are made of wood.

All wooden stairs.

Image 32: Wooden staircase with iron handrail and white base.

Wooden and iron ladder.

Picture 33: Wooden ladder with glass handrail.

Wooden ladder with glass handrail.

Image 34: Dark wooden staircase, matching black iron handrail.

Dark wooden ladder template.

Image 35: The model below was built with light wood.

Light wooden ladder template.

Image 36: On this wooden staircase, lighting takes the place of the handrail.

Wooden staircase with modern lighting,

Image 37: Another example of a staircase with a minimalist structure, without handrails.

Wooden stairs with minimalist structure.

Image 38: Wooden ladder that was also used as a chest of drawers, to make the most of the space!

Chest of drawers.

Image 39: Another beautiful example of the combination of iron and wood.

Wooden and iron ladder.

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Picture 40: Ladder with carved wood and straight lines.

Wooden ladder with straight lines.

Picture 41: Wooden ladder with glass handrail.

Wooden ladder with glass handrail.

Picture 42: Wooden ladder on wall with modern white texture.

Wooden stairs with a hollow wall.

Image 43: Stairs without handrails composing super well with the most rustic environment.

Wooden ladder without a handrail;

Image 44: Another beautiful inspiration for the use of wood combined with glass.

Wooden and glass stairs.

Image 45: Another example of the classic wood and white. Beautiful!

Classic model ladder.

Image 46: Wooden ladder in super modern home. The chosen model matched the style of the house.

Wooden and iron ladder.

Image 47: American classic ladder.

Classic wooden ladder.

Image 48: Even though it is all made of wood, this is a super modern staircase, with a vertical structure in the same material.

Wooden ladder with vertical guardrail.

Image 49: Example of wooden ladder with concrete.

Wood with concrete.

Image 50: Inspiration for people who like more classic decor.

Wooden ladder with black handrail.

Image 51: Another classic inspiration!

Classic wooden ladder.

Image 52: Staircase that joins the classic to the modern and composes a beautiful decoration.

Modern wooden staircase.

Picture 53: Wooden ladder with invisible glass handrail.

Wooden ladder with glass handrail.

Image 54: Another good example of wood and iron mixed together.

Wooden ladder with iron handrail.

Image 55: Wooden ladder with glass railing. Space underneath was used as a shelf!

Wooden and glass stairs, with bookcase underneath.

Image 56: The window on the stairs makes the environment beautiful!

Simple wooden ladder.

Image 57: This ladder composed very well with the ceiling, which is also made of wood.

Wooden ladder matching the ceiling.

Picture 58: Less steep ladder model.

Less steep wooden ladder.

Image 59: Example of a ladder on three levels, mixing iron and wood.

Stairway on three levels

Image 60: See how beautiful this work on the wall of the stairs was!

Ladder with white wall.

Image 61: Beautiful inspiration from spiral staircase.

Spiral staircase.

Image 62: Modern design spiral staircase.

Wooden spiral staircase.

Image 63: This ladder composed very well with the window and the almost transparent curtain.

Spiral staircase with white handrail.

Image 64: Perfect model for children.

Snail-shaped wooden ladder with slide on the side

Image 65: Minimalist style spiral staircase.

Wooden spiral staircase.

Image 66: Another classic inspiration! Spiral staircase, joining the white with the wood

Classic spiral staircase.

Image 67: Beautiful composition of wood, iron and concrete.

Wooden ladder on concrete wall.

Image 68: For those who want to optimize space and have a lot of books, this is the perfect example.

Ladder used as a shelf.

Image 69: Another inspiration!

Wooden ladder with shelf underneath.

Image 70: Great example of how to use the wooden ladder in decoration!

Staircase with decoration.

Image 71: Great idea of ​​use for stairs: make a wine cellar!

Wooden staircase with cellar underneath.

Image 72: Super sophisticated wooden staircase inspiration.

Ladder and wooden wall

Image 73: Another super sophisticated example.

Ladder and wooden wall.

Image 74: Detail of iron handrail on wooden stairs.

Structural iron handrail

Picture 75: Wooden ladder with shelf in the background.

mini-office under the wooden stairs and shelves throughout

Image 76: Another example of a wooden ladder, with a metal frame.

Ladder with iron structure.

Picture 77: Wooden ladder leading to mezzanine.

Stairway leading to mezzanine.

Image 78: Beautiful wooden staircase inspiration, with glass handrail.

Wooden staircase with glass handrail

Image 79: Practical drawer, optimizing step space.

Ladder with chest of drawers.

Image 80: Another beautiful mixture of wood and glass.


Image 81: Modern staircase inspiration with wood and iron.

Ladder with iron handrail.

Image 81: Mixture of iron and glass with wood.

Staircase with glass and iron handrail.

Image 82: Wooden ladder built into the ladder.

Ladder built into the wall.

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