Zinc Roofing: Advantages, Disadvantages, Types and Prices

The zinc roof is widely used in industries and warehouses. However, today its use is also indicated for homes and commercial roofs.

With a practical, quick and easy installation, it is a durable and resistant product. In addition, there are straight, colonial and modern models.

Learn more about the main features of the zinc roof below.

Image 01: The tin roof today is a great option to change the architectural style of homes.

tin roof in residence

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What is tin roofing?

It is a steel sheet with a zinc coating, it is called galvanized tile, and it prevents the roof from corroding. Thus, when it receives a coating of aluminum and silicon, plus zinc, it is called Galvalume tile.

The zinc roof has a durability that stands out from other types of tile. They are usually sold in the size of three meters and above. Due to its size, it covers a much larger space in the building’s roof, presenting a great cost-benefit ratio.

It can be installed in external and internal areas, such as the kitchen, living room, garages and balconies. In this way, it lasts a long time, being able to be preserved for 40 to 70 years.

Periodic maintenance is not required. The roof withstands wind gusts of up to 140 kilometers per hour. Also, in the event of a fire in the property, it does not ignite contact with the fire.

The tile reflects sunlight and reduces costs with cooling processes, saving on building a home, for example. They are wavy and have different shapes and structures that can cool the indoor environment.

There is a good saving in the cost of the work when using this type of roof, as it uses less wood and labor is cheaper. It can also receive a layer of anti-thermal paint, contributing even more to the cooling of the property.

Therefore, if properly installed, maintenance is minimal as it will not suffer from the abuse of heat and rain. It is recommended to paint them in light colors outside to reflect the sun’s heat and dark colors inside the building, giving a sophisticated touch to the environment.

Image 02: They are found in different shapes, colors and sizes.

corrugated tile

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zinc Roofing

Among the advantages of building this type of roof, the following stand out:

  • Durability and resistance, which can withstand the actions of weather, rain, sun and wind;
  • There is no spread of fire in case of fire;
  • There is no need for periodic maintenance; it’s easy to install and it’s more economical;
  • Furthermore, the cost benefit is also one of the advantages of this type of roof.

Image 03: Well differentiated facades can be produced using these tiles. So just take a look at this idea.

architecture covered with zinc tile

The disadvantages of building using this product are:

  • The low thermal insulation, which can be compensated by building a concrete slab, alleviating the problem;
  • It has little sound insulation, being, for example, noisy when it rains;
  • The tile can suffer from the heat expanding or contracting, requiring greater care in planning and building the roof;
  • The exchange of tiles with the same color is a difficulty for this type of roof, it is difficult to find the same tiles.

Image 04: Even in built- in roofs, zinc tile adapts and brings benefits to the construction.

built-in roof

Types of Zinc Tile

There are several types, with different characteristics. Thus, you must pay attention to which type of roof is best for your project. So, here are some variations:

Image 05: The installation of this material is simple. However, it requires specialized labor to avoid headaches.

types of zinc tiles

Styrofoam roof

Dubbed sandwich tile, it has two layers of steel with a Styrofoam layer in the middle. It provides great thermal and acoustic insulation for the property. The environment becomes fresher and more pleasant. Furthermore, it saves energy, making the use of fans and air conditioning unnecessary.

It is also responsible for reducing the spread of flames, protecting the property. In addition to reducing the humidity of the environment by not absorbing water. So it’s great for customizing the build. It does not need a lining construction and is easy to maintain.

Image 06: Perfect for places that need thermal and acoustic comfort, the Styrofoam zinc roof is an excellent option, with a wonderful cost-benefit ratio.

acoustic tile and thermal effect

Trapezoidal roof

Used in large buildings and sheds, this type of product has a flat base that favors the construction of larger roofs. Offers light in construction, a great finish and quick installation. In addition, it resists rain well, has good insulation, comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and is economically priced compared to other tiles.

Image 07: The trapezoidal zinc tile is one of the most used in industries.

metallic trapezoidal model

Corrugated tile

This is one of the most used in homes and is easy to install, in addition to draining rainwater more easily. You can build roofs on flat or arched roofs. This is because it is more flexible due to its curvature. In addition, it also features great performance and easy installation.

Image 08: Corrugated tiles are very easy to clean, as they do not have corners to accumulate dirt.

metallic corrugated model

Zinc Roof Market Prices

They are sold by pieces. The tiles have a value of 25 to 120 reads, depending on size and type. Thus, as the pieces are larger, a construction ends up being more economical than other tiles.

Styrofoam models are more expensive, but it can be a good investment because of the thermal insulation they have. Thus, it is necessary that the product has a good cost-benefit and reasonable quality. As it is a tile that should last for many years, it is recommended to pay attention to its durability.

Image 09: Not limited to just external areas, the colored tiles also form beautiful panels.

decoration with colored tiles

Where to use

Trapezoidal tiles are widely used in large constructions, they have a flat base and some elevations, being indicated for constructions with large spans between one pilaster and the other.

In addition, corrugated tile can be used in homes, has a traditional format and has the advantage of free water flow, in addition to being easy to install.

However, Styrofoam tile can be used in more traditional buildings, sheds and homes that need good insulation. It’s a good choice for its cost-effectiveness.

Zinc roofing is a good option for industries, commerce and homes. Choose the tile with an eye on its characteristics. The cost-benefit is very good, in addition to being practical, easy to install, they also last longer and have little maintenance.

Image 10: Use and abuse your creativity creating beautiful facades.

tiled wall

Choose the type that has the most to do with your construction. The sandwich roof, for example, can be used in buildings that require greater thermal and sound insulation.

Whether for huge sheds from an industry to a beautiful chalet, the zinc roof protects the building as well as making it more beautiful and sophisticated. Ease of installation brings quicker construction and the fact that it doesn’t need much maintenance makes it much more practical.

The corrugated tiles allow the use in arches, making your roof even more beautiful. Trapezoidal tiles are easy to transport and install due to their design and bring strength and beauty.

Zinc Roof Construction

The tiles are built fastened to screws, and unlike asbestos, they do not pose any risk to health, do not suffer from the action of wind and heat and even protect the house by harmonizing the construction.

It is necessary to know if the product has been tested to ensure the safety and quality of the material. Tiles must strictly follow manufacturing standards. When buying, find out if it is approved by ABNT.

Make an analysis of the size and shape, making it easier to choose the material that will be used.

Zinc tile is no longer used only in sheds and is more present in homes, due to its characteristics, such as easy maintenance and durability.

To install itself, it is recommended to hire a specialized workforce, ensuring speed and quality of service. The savings with the use of this tile are enormous.

Sandwich tiles are more suitable for thermal insulation, since other types of tiles are not insulating.

Use creativity

They can also be used on the walls of the house having a different design, they are practical, beautiful and sophisticated. There are tiles of different colors that will give you a special touch in the decoration of the building.

To install it is necessary to make a project that determines all the markings, taking into account the slope of the roof. The supports for the gutters and for the structure that will serve as a base for the roof were then installed. Then you must fit and screw the tiles, finish and finish.

The roof does not attract lightning, they conduct electricity, but like other structures, they are not prone to this type of situation. Plus, it’s fire-safe, not letting it spread across the roof.

mage 11: Beautiful facades cottages can be performed by well – planned use of zinc tile. So just take a look at this beautiful idea.

house made of zinc tile

Pay attention to every detail of the tin roof

It is important to point out that roofs need to have a series of cares during installation in order to increase their longevity. The durability of the tiles is guaranteed if installed correctly, taking into account the heat, cold and rain that can cause the tile to expand or otherwise to shrink.

Anyway, the tin roof is a good option and with planning, your house can be very beautiful and safe. It is an economical type of tile with a great cost-benefit ratio. In addition, the roof can be in different colors giving it a modern, sophisticated, or retro and rustic feel, depending on what you want. You can customize the roof according to your preferences.

So, we hope that you can take advantage of our tips on zinc roofs, their use, and that you enjoy your work well, using this product, which has facilities and characteristics that will transform your work.